Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cousins in Canton

Today we went to Canton! Mama, Amy, Kristin, and I took the kids and had a blast! It was Jack's 2nd trip, but Micah's first. At 13 weeks old and 11 weeks old, the boys did great!!! Of course it's Mallory's favorite place to go! She loves the little frappuccino samples more than anything. From the moment we get back home she starts asking again, "Mommy, when can we go to CanTON (emphasis on the "ton") again?" She is definitely one of the girls....she LOVES to shop!! Here's a picture of what the boys did....
They couldn't have been any better. Jack is 3 months old today.... gracious where is the time going??

Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Well, after much consideration and persuading from friends, I have finally decided to create a blog! I enjoy browsing through my friends blogs... I guess it's a pretty fun way to keep up with everyone. I plan to use this blog to share the blessings God has given me and give Him the glory for all He does. I am truly BLESSED!

My blessings include a wonderful family.... husband, Brad, and two precious children, Mallory & Jack. And the best parents, Donnie & Charlotte, who raised me to know Christ and follow Him in all things... my mother being my best friend. Plus, my siblings, Chad, Josh, & Kristin... who could ask for a more fabulous bunch?!?! We have a blast together!!! But, I can't forget their wonderful spouses... Tennille, Amy, & Jamy... and my sweet little nephews Grant & Micah. My family is so close and so perfect. Hanging out with them is the joy of my life. What fun we have!

Thank you, God, for the gift of family. I am blessed beyond measure!
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