Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fun at Mrs. Rose's House

This past week, Mallory was invited to Mrs. Rose's house to see her Christmas decorations and play with Mrs. Rose's doll furniture.  Mrs. Rose is Mallory's Sunday school teacher and has been a friend of mine since I was born.  She and my mother became friends when they worked together BEFORE I was born and she was the first person to come see me in the hospital when I was born.  So, she is a really special friend of our family.  She has an amazing collection of Christmas stuff all through her house as well as old, sentimental personal items that are all on display in her home.  It was a treat to see it all!

Mrs. Rose and Mallory
She had this precious welcome sign at the door when we arrived!

Mrs. Rose had a huge collection of doll furniture that was hers as a little girl.  Mallory loved getting to take each piece out of the box and set it up.

Mallory & Mrs. Rose

Here is Mallory in front of Mrs. Rose's red Christmas tree.  It is in her Coca-Cola kitchen and is filled with Coca-Cola ornaments.

Before we left we got to see "Rowdy".  He is Mrs. Rose's shih'tzu puppy!  She had him dressed in the cutest Santa suit!!  HA!

Here is Mr. Don, Mrs. Rose's husband.  He, too, has been a family friend for YEARS!

This is Mrs. Rose's mother.  Her name is Margaret.  She is one sweet lady.

We had so much fun at Mrs. Rose's house.  She is a wonderful friend.

Bumbleride Stroller Giveaway

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gentry Christmas & Jack's 1st Haircut

As always, Christmas Eve with my family was wonderful!  We all went to the Candlelight Lord's Supper Service at our church.  I always love this silent service.  It's such a neat time of reflection and remembrance.  Afterwards, we went to my parents house for fun finger foods - Greenberg turkey sandwiches, rotel dip, sausage balls, pigs-in-the-blanket, dips, chips, and YUMMY desserts!!!

Mallory & Grant

Amy, Macy, & Josh

Scarlett, Tennille, Grant, & Chad

My wonderful parents!  Donnie & Charlotte

Brad, me, Mallory, &Jack

The kids all changed into their Christmas pj's and Daddy read the Christmas story from Luke.  Mallory placed the nativity figures on the coffee table as each was mentioned.  This has been a family tradition for as long as I can remember and I love it!!!

We opened presents next...
Me & Jack

Mallory & her princess umbrella

Papa made Jack a rocking chair!!!  He made Mallory one for her 2nd Christmas, so it was really special for Jack to get his this year for his 2nd Christmas!

The plate on the back.

All the kids loved playing with Grant's new Matchbox Car Garage!

We ate lunch with Brad's parents and grandfather on Christmas Day.  Then, that night my parents came over to our house and played Canasta with me & Brad.  We have a huge competition between the girls and the guys!  :-)  And as Mallory says, "Girls RULE!"  :-)  HA!!!

That night I decided it was time to give Jack his first haircut!  My photographer was watching football and didn't stick around to take any "after" photos, but we got a few of the actual event.  :-)
Brushing his own hair.  Love it!!

His first haircut!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Fun!

Today Mallory and Jack were watching tv in my bedroom.  Jack was in his pack-in-play and Mallory was laying on the floor right in front of it.  I went to do some laundry and when I came back, this is what I found...

Yes, Mallory climbed into the pack-in-play and was watching tv with Jack!

They were having a blast!!!  I walked in and Jack said "Hi Mama!" and started waving at me!

These are fun memories!

This afternoon, we went to Tennille & Chad's house to make Christmas cookies!  It was a lot of fun!!  We decided this would be an annual tradition.

Mallory & Grant played with Grant's nativity set while Tennille got everything set up.

Jack immediately found Scarlett!

Picking out just the right cookie cutter.

They were so precious together!

Mallory working hard on hers.

I helped Jack put icing on one of them - he had to participate, too!  :-)

We all had so much fun!  Thank you, Aunt Tennille and Grant!  We love you!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knock, Knock! Who's There?

Hello out there!  I've been posting on my blog since October of '08.  So, for a little over a year, I've been sharing my life with many of you.  I know that mostly family and close friends are the majority of my readers, but I'm curious!  Who else is out there?  I hear from some of you every once in awhile, but would love to get to know those who I don't know and find out where you're from.  If you'd be willing to share a little about yourself, that would be ok, too!  :-)

I'll start the introductions.... Hi!  I'm Mandy!  I'm from East Texas and have been blessed to live here all my life.  I am married and have two precious children!  I am blessed to have a wonderfully close family.  My mother and I are best friends and do everything together.  I love to shop, decorate, craft, sew, and "play" on my computer.  I am a member of the choir and praise team at my church.  I love to sing!  I have a music and dance background.  I started this blog to share the many blessings God has given me.  "Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than I could ever ask or imagine, to Him be the glory."  Eph. 3:20.

Now, let me hear from you!  I'd love to get to know you!  :-)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mallory's Christmas Program

Last night was Mallory's Christmas program at church.  It's precious to watch 4 & 5 year olds perform!  Here are some pictures of the big night...

Getting ready!

Me and my sweet girl after the "Birthday Party for Jesus" program

Mallory, Micah, & Kristin

Mallory, Me, Jack, & Daddy

It was a fun night.  Mallory did an awesome job and I was proud of her, as always!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Day & More WINS!

Last week when it snowed and Jack took his nap, Mallory and I decided to spend the afternoon in front of the fire, drinking hot chocolate, and watching The Polar Express.  It was the perfect way to spend a cold, snowy afternoon.

Christmas has been coming early for me lately!  I recently won some more blogger giveaways.  Some of them are pictured below, but the 4 Berenstain Bears books I won and the Piggy Paint nail polish are hidden away for Santa to bring.  ;-) 

I won a precious apron and apron pattern from Venezie Designs,
a Toddler Car Seat Cover and matching blanket from Dressy Dribbles,
2 Dora DVD's from Feisty, Frugal, & Fabulous,
2 Glade Holiday candles from Our Ordinary Life,
an Ice Age Scrat Pack DVD 2-pack from Stacey Says,
and 4 Berenstain Bears Books from A Frugal Friend.

It's been so much fun to enter these giveaways and actually WIN a few!!  :-)
As a stay-at-home-mom, I am always on the lookout for ways to save money.  I use coupons, surf the web for deals, and have been blessed with these fun gifts for FREE!  As I hit upon some great finds, I plan to post them here so you can take advantage of them and be blessed, too!  :-)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Annual After-Thanksgiving Trip & ICE!

Every year, my family has traditionally gone to Dallas the day after Thanksgiving.  The girls hit the sales and the guys golf.  This year Chad & Josh's families weren't able to go, but the rest of us went on and had a fabulous time!!!!  Here are some pics of our weekend...

Mallory, Micah, & Jack at the Gaylord Texan Hotel - a MUST SEE at Christmas!!!

Mallory at the life-size gingerbread house.  This puppy was made out of m&m's!!!

Jack is taking it all in

On Saturday, we went to the Bass Pro Shop.  They have some WONDERFUL activities for kids and free pictures with Santa!!!  I wish I'd had a video camera going as Mallory ran down the aisle and jumped into Santa's arms!  Here she is giving him her wish list...

He started counting on his fingers as she talked.

And I want.....

Now counting on the other hand!!  She had a list a mile long!!   He was a very, very good Santa....  so patient and really took time with each child, just as Santa should!  :-)

Finally, Mallory gave a list for Jack, too, then they got their picture made.

A carousel ride was next.  The kids rode reindeer instead of horses!

Mallory & Nana on the carousel

Micah & Kristin

On Sunday morning, we went to the ICE show at the Gaylord.  It is a 9 degree winter wonderland made entirely of ice!!  Parkas are provided.  :-)  This year's theme was How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
Here is Jack getting some help with his parka - this was the smallest size available!!

This was about the funniest thing ever!!!  Jack literally toppled over under the weight of this thing!

Me and the kids as we entered Who-ville!

Me & Jack

Kristin, Micah, & Jamy

Mallory just slid down the ice slide - super fun!!

Mallory in front of the huge ice sculptures

Papa & Jack

Papa, Nana, Jack, Mallory, & Micah

Brad, Mallory, me, and Jack in front of the nativity.  It was gorgeous!!

Micah, Mallory, & Jack after the ICE show

It was an incredible weekend!!  :-)
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