Friday, September 23, 2011


We have a winner!!!! selected entry #3!!!

Congrats to Cindy!!!!!

Cindy, I'll be emailing you soon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mabel's Labels Review & Giveaway!!!!

I don't know about you, but BUSY has been my middle name lately.  I have loved getting back into a routine since school started, but along with the start of school, activities and schedules can become very full and overwhelming sometimes.  It seems like there isn't enough time in the day to get everything done.  I'm very thankful for organizing products that help lessen the stresses that can come with our busy schedules.

Labels are one of those wonderful products that I love!!!  As a member of Global Influence and as a Mabel's Labels Buzzmama, I was recently given the incredible opportunity to review the Mabel's Labels Ultimate Back-to-School Combo!!!  This combo comes with everything you need for back to school!

  • 50 tag mates - Washer/Dryer safe clothing labels

  • 40 skinny-minis - Dishwasher and Microwave safe labels perfect to label pencils, water bottles, thermoses, school supplies, books, and SO much more!
  • 16 round shoe labels - again... can be used SO many different ways!
  •  2 teeny tags - small, metal, keychain-style tags perfect for zipper pouches, backpacks, ETC!
    With MANY different color choices and designs, you can custom create your labels with your individual children in mind. Mallory chose the Colourful Look Color and the Butterfly Design.  This is our Ultimate School Combo Pack...
  • I have LOVED labelling Mallory's things!!!  I've especially enjoyed the Skinny Minis... I put them on the thermos she takes to school every day.  It has been washed in the dishwasher every day and still looks PERFECT!!  Labelling her folders, pencils, and other school supplies have been a breeze, too!  Oh, I couldn't forget her sweater and jacket!!  HOW COOL to have her name legibly labelled on the tag of her sweater and jacket!!!  LOVE this!!!
    All of these labels are top-quality!!!  I am VERY impressed!!!
    The really neat part about these labels is their versatility.  You don't have to have a school-age child to benefit from these labels.  They are perfect for anything you or your child owns.  Toys, games, phones, cameras, dvd players, books... YOU NAME IT!  You can label it with a Mabel's Label.
    Thanks to the awesome folks at Mabel's Labels, one Burkett Blessings reader is going to win their very own Back-to-School Combo Pack!!!!!!  WOO-HOO!!!  Here's all you have to do to enter the giveaway....
      Visit Mabel's Labels, then come back here and leave ONE comment telling me which color and design you would choose AND what item you have that you most want to label.

      Giveaway is open to US and Canada addresses and ends Friday, September 23rd at 9pm CST.  The winner will be chosen by and announced here as well as emailed.  **Please make sure your email address is visible in your profile or leave it in your comment so I can contact you if you win.**
      Disclaimer:  I received this product for review purposes only.  The opinions expressed are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.

    Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    Babar DVD Reviews

    Have you seen him?  Have you met this guy?!?!  If not, then you MUST meet BABAR!!!
    I was given the opportunity to review two brand new Babar DVD's...

    These wonderful stories are based on the Jean and Laurent De Brunhoff childhood classic elephant king!  Mallory and Jack have been watching these dvd's in our car, then beg to bring them in and watch them in the house.  They are captivating and cleverly teach children lessons in patience, acceptance, honesty, cooperation, teamwork, and understanding.  We give these DVD's two thumbs up!!!  Here's the scoop on each DVD...

    Street Date: September 6, 2011
    DVD SRP: $14.98 each

    First appearing in Histoire de Babar, Jean de Brunhoff’s 1931 storybook classic based on a tale that his wife Cecile had invented for their children, Babar the Elephant has, for 80 years, captivated millions around the globe. The story of the little elephant who leaves the jungle, visits a big city and returns to bring the benefits of civilization to his fellow elephants has been captured in a multitude of best-selling books (over 12 million sold worldwide, and more than 1000 titles in print) and several animated series. This Fall, the unforgettable, family favorite, BABAR: THE CLASSIC SERIES, comes to rich life with the first releases in the eOne DVD series. Hailing from the acclaimed, award-winning HBO Family series which ran from 1989-91, these wonderfully animated stories – perfect for the whole family – follow Babar, his family and friends undertaking many challenges and adventures. The series also teaches the most valuable lesson of all: despite life's challenges, great things are possible if one never gets discouraged. As Babar says, “Long live happiness!”


    Featuring four episodes that focus on the bonds Babar shares with his pals and family, in each of the adventures on BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, the Elephant King discovers important lessons on love, friendship, teamwork and understanding. In “City Ways”, Babar, alone and confused in the big city, is befriended by the Old Lady who teaches him how to fit into the human world; in “Between Friends”, Babar remembers about the time his future wife Celeste and his friend Zephir had an accident and ended up in court; Cornelius and Pompadour have a major disagreement and vow to never speak again (although the most certainly do!) in “Friendly Agreement” and in “An Elephant’s Best Friend”, Babar excitedly finds a pet warthog in the jungle, but reluctantly returns it when he learns it belongs to Lady Rataxes. (#EOE-DV-7047; approx. 90 mins.)

    Babar The Classic Series: School Days features four episodes about Babar’s own school day adventures as well as those of his friends and family. In each tale Babar learns important lessons on acceptance, honesty and patience. In “School Days”, Babar reminisces about his early education, when he and his friends were picked on by the school bullies because they all looked “different”; however, he soon realizes everyone should be proud of themselves because differences are what makes everyone unique and special; “Kings of the Castle” in which Babar and the rhino lord, Rataxes, are convinced to trade places for the day and they learn it isn’t easy to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes; “Every Basket Has a Silver Lining”, in which Babar’s son Pom, a towel boy on the basketball team learns a valuable lesson about not lying about his playing status; and, “Peer Pressure”, in which King Babar recalls having to make a tough decision between loyalty to friendship and loyalty to the law. (#EOE-DV-7048; approx. 90 mins.)

    For the latest breaking news on BABAR: THE CLASSIC SERIES and other releases, follow Entertainment One on Twitter:

    Many thanks to Entertainment One for allowing me the opportunity to review these dvds.  The opinions expressed are my own.  No compensation was given in exchange for this review.

    Monday, August 22, 2011

    1st Day of First Grade

    1st grade????!!!!  Really?!??!  How is already time for Mallory to be in first grade?!?!?  She was SO excited and couldn't wait for today to get here.  We had fun getting ready and anticipating this big day!  We painted her nails and curled her hair.  I had fun making her outfit and bow.  She looked so beautiful carrying her Hello Kitty lunchbox Nana & Papa gave her... just beautiful! 

    Jack was very apprehensive and wanted to go to school with her.  She was SO sweet to love and console him.

    Ready for a great day... 

    Mallory and her teacher, Mrs. McIntosh 

    She walked right into her classroom and got right to work. Jack struggled with leaving her. He begged to stay! But a promised visit to the playground helped hurry him out without any significant melt downs. :-)

    One last hug... this picture melts my heart!!! 

    I can't wait to pick her up this afternoon!!!!! 

    I know it's going to be a wonderful year!

    Sunday, August 7, 2011

    Attention, Please....

    We interrupt this horrible attempt at blogging to bring you the reasons why this blog has been left unattended for so long.....

    BOWS, BOWS, and more BOWS!!!

    My bow business is BOOMING!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!  I have been making bows for 6 stores all across Texas!!!  The orders have been pouring in and more are on the way!  Plus, my online Etsy shop and Big Cartel site has seen lots of business, too.  It's amazing and such an answer to prayer!

    I'm in the process of making some NEW bows, too!  I have some really funky, fun bows in the works that I can't wait to share!!

    In the meantime, little Jack turned 3 years old.  :-(  I'll post pics soon.  For now, I'm off to bed.  These little fingers are tired!  :-)

    Monday, July 25, 2011

    Family Fun in Dallas

    Last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we went with my family to Dallas.  We had a blast!  We tried 3 new things and LOVED them all!!!  If you haven't been to the Indoor Safari Park in Southlake and you have little kids, you've got to go!!!  Thanks to my blog friend, Debra, at A Frugal Friend, I was able to purchase $10 tickets for only $5!  She posted a link to a "Juice in the City" deal and I snagged it!!!  Thanks, Debra!!!

    A little note.... Juice in the City is a COOL site!!!  It's a site that offers daily deals in your area.  If you sign up, you'll have a daily deal come into your email each morning.  If you want to see what Juice in the City is all about, please click my link HERE.

    Now, back to the trip.... We hit the Indoor Safari Park on Thursday after lunch.  The kids played and played and played!!!  Oh, what fun they had!!!  Here are some snapshots from the Safari Park...

    The first activity was riding a robotic safari animal!!  Here they are waiting their turn to ride.
    Macy, Jack, Mallory, Micah, and Gavin

    Jack got to ride first and chose the elephant!!

    Mallory chose the zebra... 

    Micah chose the Cheetah... 

    And Gavin rode the elephant... 
    Each animal made it's sound as it walked... it was hysterical to watch!!

    Macy wasn't quite sure about it all, so she chose not to ride!  :-(

    After the robotic animal ride, the kids played limitless games of miniature golf...

    Jack and Brad 

    There was even a special play area for the little ones to play... Gavin especially loved it! 

    There was a padded jungle gym with a trampoline, slide, and ball pit!!!!

    And then they rode the train!!

    Then more fun in the ball pit!!

    There were tons of little playhouse towns and villages set up to play with.  They explored all of these, too!

    And another train ride... this time only Micah and Mallory chose to ride.

    Sweet Macy!

    It was SUPER FUN!!!!  And with the crazy Texas heat we've had lately, it was WONDERFUL to be indoors!!!

    That night we headed to Fuddrucker's for dinner and then swam in the hotel.  Mallory did her 1st cannonball and was so proud!!!

    Mommy's not the fastest finger on the camera trigger!  HA!

    Friday we went to the Sea Life Aquarium that just opened at the Grapevine Mills Mall.  It was really neat!!!  We stood in line for at least 30 minutes WITH our tickets ALREADY purchased!!  It was crazy!  There were so many people!!!!  If you decide to go, I recommend you buy you tickets ahead of time, too.

    I love this picture of the kids... finally one with both Jack and Mallory smiling!  :-)

    There was one area where you could walk out onto a glass floor that overlooked a big tank of fish.  Macy laid down and watched them swim beneath her!  :-) 

    Mallory was not all about the glass floor, but I did get her to smile for me...

    There were several little bubble areas that the kids could crawl into and see the fish.  Jack loved this!!

    Isn't that cool?!?! 

    It was an amazing place... so many beautiful sea creatures!!!

    This tunnel completely freaked Mallory out!  It was completely surrounded by water and a glass floor. She was terrified of the sharks!

    I love these next couple of pics of Jack.  He's looking at himself in a mirror!

    And this one is just adorable... so sweet!

    That night we went to Pappadeaux's to eat.  It's our favorite "out-of-town" spot!

    Mallory stealing a kiss from brother..

    After Pappadeaux's we went back to the hotel, got the kids their baths, and piled into Josh and Amy's room to watch the fireworks over the Gaylord Hotel.  Their room had a perfect view!!!  And, the fireworks were incredible!!!  While we waited for the fireworks to start, we sang songs, watched for airplanes, and giggled a lot.  The kids have so much fun together!

    And then Saturday, we went to the new Legoland at the Grapevine Mills Mall.... and it was AMAZING!!!
    It was probably my favorite activity of the whole trip.

    We had our tickets pre-purchased, but still had to wait in line.  They had tubs full of legos for kids to play with while we waited... genius!! 

    Getting ready to go inside... 

    In the holding room!  :-)

    Once inside, we were told how legos are made and the kids got to participate in the demonstration...

    After the demonstration, we were invited to explore Legoland.  After a fun Legoland ride, we headed to a 4D movie!!!  It was cool!!  During the movie we were sprayed with water, spit on by a monster, and snowed on!!!!  It was so FUN!  :-)

    Then, we went into Lego's Miniland.  WOW... it was incredible!!!  Every landmark in Dallas was represented with a miniature lego version.  Every so often, the lights in the room would dim and fireworks above the miniature Gaylord would appear and all the mini town landmarks would light up!!!

    Arlington Stadium where the Rangers play 

    SO COOL!!!  All made out of Legos!!! 

    Southfork Ranch... at night! 

    Mallory and Jack in front of the Gaylord Hotel replica... 

    Jack in front of the DFW Airport replica... 

    Cowboys Stadium... unbelievable!!! 

    American Airlines Center and Downtown Dallas... 

    Downtown Dallas... 

    Southfork Ranch in the daylight... 

    And finally, a life-size replica of Dirk Nowitzki!!! 

    The kids played in a play area and Mallory and I rode a ride before leaving Legoland. 

    It was an incredibly fun vacation!!!  We made some wonderful memories!!!
    Hope you enjoyed the pics!!!
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