Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt at Nana & Papa's and Easter Sunday

The Sunday before Easter, my parents had an Easter egg hunt for the all the grandkids. Mallory, Jack, Grant, and Micah had so much fun! Sweet little Mallory carried her basket as well as Jack's and was so generous to put many, many eggs in his basket, too. Afterwards, we came inside and Nana gave each of the kids a stuffed bunny. It was a fun day!!

Easter Sunday morning, Mallory and Jack woke up to find their Easter baskets filled with little white stuffed lambs, teething rings for Jack, and lots of chocolate candy for Mallory. After church we had a delicious lunch at my parents house.

Micah, Mallory, & Jack


Marlager said...

they are all so adorable!!!!! Looks like y'all had fun!

April Mauldin said...

Your children are so beautiful! How old is Mallory? She reminds me of my Carly. They would have so much fun together!

Mandy said...

April, Mallory is 4. I bet she and Carly would get along great! Mallory is all girl - loves princesses, playing dress up, and getting her hair and nails done (by Mommy of course). She lives in pretend mode and is constantly having conversations with "Mr. Rabbit", her favorite imaginary friend. It's a hoot! :-) I love these sweet, innocent times. I know they'll pass by in no time.

The Skaggs said...

Love the pic of Mallory with posed on the fireplace with her foot out...classic.

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