Thursday, November 12, 2009

And He's Off!!!!!

Jack is officially walking!!!  Although he started taking a few steps back in September, they were limited to holding hands and walking around holding on to the furniture.  He can now walk forward, backward, and turn around all on his own.  And, he can go from sitting to standing all by himself.  He is so proud of himself and LOVES his new mode of transportation.  Of course, big sister LOVES this, too!  :-)


Sarah Brown said...

Your kiddos are just too cute!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower=)

The Skaggs said...

Go Jack Go!

Laurie said...

You won over on the 12 Days of Junkie! Please e-mail Karen info[at]veneziebags[dot]com with your contact information to redeem your prize.

YAY! Congrats.


Marlager said...

what fun, they are at such a sweet age, enjoy it!!!!

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