Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scholastic Storybook Treasures DVD Reviews

This summer, the Scholastic Storybook Treasures® DVD series will launch a new line of DVDs designed to teach early sign language skills to preschool children. Featuring beautiful video productions of some of the most recognizable children’s books of all time, this new series offers a groundbreaking approach to learning sign language and helping kids of all hearing abilities to gain literacy and pre-reading skills.

The first two releases are GOODNIGHT MOON…AND MORE GREAT BEDTIME STORIES ($12.95 SRP), lovingly adapted from the 1947 storybook by Margaret Wise Brown that has sold tens of millions of units worldwide, and the loveable tale A POCKET FOR CORDUROY…AND MORE STORIES ABOUT FRIENDSHIP, faithfully adapted from the beloved book by Don Freeman, with FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS by Eileen Christelow to follow this fall. The inaugural releases will be available July 27 at retail stores nationwide and at

Building upon the popular trend of babies learning to communicate by sign language, this new American Sign Language series helps extend sign language learning for children ages 2 to 9. Studies show that when children learn sign language at an early age they have increased language acquisition and educators often recommend sign language to help children develop fine motor skills. The new DVD series has been created to enhance sign language learning and increase comprehension skills through vocabulary lessons and an interactive quiz for each story. Each DVD features three-best-selling stories with vocal and ASL narration and finger spelling.

Mallory and Jack love both of these dvd's and have watched them repeatedly!  I love the sign language aspect but am also a fan of the read-along option.  It is great for Mallory since she is beginning to read.  Make sure you add these to your library when they become available on July 27th.

Another WONDERFUL dvd collection coming out this summer is THE ROSEMARY WELLS COLLECTION.  My kids love Max and Ruby, so this set has been a HUGE hit at our house!!  Scholastic Storybook Treasures celebrates author/illustrator Rosemary Wells with a new 2-dvd release available August 3rd!

Available for $19.95srp, this new 2-disc set features eight of Rosemary Wells best-loved stories, along with Scholastic Storybook Treasures’ enhanced read-along and comprehension questions to help build early literacy skills, Spanish Versions of “Noisy Nora” and “Max’s Christmas”, Interviews with Rosemary Wells, and a “Gonna Read to My Bunny” music video.


· MAX’S CHOCOLATE CHICKEN (narrated by Clavelle Dalferes) -- Will Max and Ruby find the most Easter eggs to win the chocolate chicken? Only the Easter Bunny knows for sure.

· MAX’S CHRISTMAS (narrated by Jenny Agutter and Rex Robbins) -- Max is told that he can’t stay up to see Santa, but he sneaks down anyway. Will Santa still come if Max is awake?

· MORRIS’S DISAPPEARING DOG -- Morris thinks his brother and sisters have better Christmas presents. But inside the last box under the tree he finds a magical gift that makes all his troubles disappear.

· OTTO RUNS FOR PRESIDENT (narrated by Diana Canova) -- Who will win the big school election at Barkadelphia School ? Popular Tiffany, Sporty Charles, or good friend Otto?

· NOISY NORA (narrated by Mary Beth Hurt) -- What’s a wee little mouse to do when little brother and big sister take up all of Mom and Dad’s time? Make noise, of course, in this faithful adaptation from Wells’ best-selling ALA Notable Book and School Library Journal’s Best Book of the Year.

· EMILY’S FIRST 100 DAYS OF SCHOOL (narrated by Diana Canova) -- As the days and weeks of school go by, Emily and her classmates learn new ideas, expand their world, and grow closer together one day at a time.

· VOYAGE TO THE BUNNY PLANET (narrated by Maggie Gyllenhaal) -- Three bunnies are whisked off to the gentle Bunny Planet — a place that lies “far beyond the moon and stars.”

· READING TO YOUR BUNNY (performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter, voices by Diana Canova, David DeVries, Rosemary Wells, and others) -- An original story by Rosemary Wells highlights the importance of reading to little ones.

If you're looking for great dvd's to add to your home library, these are perfect choices!!  You won't be disappointed.


Michelle said...

Glad to see you back! Glad to hear you have been enjoying your summer too though:-) These look like great DVDs. We love all the books!!!

Cindy and crew said...

Looks like great DVDs! My kids always loved Corduroy!! Glad to see you back in is hard in the summer, isn't it?!?! :-)

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