Saturday, July 16, 2011

Winnie the Pooh

Yesterday, my mom and I took the kids to the opening of Winnie the Pooh!!!  It was a precious movie!!!

I used the camera on my phone to take these pictures, so they're dark.  :-(

Jack and Mallory each took a blanket and stuffed animal for the show!

Fortunately, we were lucky enough to get on the very back row, so Jack stood for the majority of the movie.  It was so cute to watch him giggle, point, laugh at loud, and shout "Look, Mama!!".
Such precious memories!!

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Life Happens said...

I have NEVER seen Winnie the pooh?! I know, I need to go see it. Maybe I'll take my niece to go see it.

The kids look so cozy with their blankets!

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