Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gentry Christmas & Jack's 1st Haircut

As always, Christmas Eve with my family was wonderful!  We all went to the Candlelight Lord's Supper Service at our church.  I always love this silent service.  It's such a neat time of reflection and remembrance.  Afterwards, we went to my parents house for fun finger foods - Greenberg turkey sandwiches, rotel dip, sausage balls, pigs-in-the-blanket, dips, chips, and YUMMY desserts!!!

Mallory & Grant

Amy, Macy, & Josh

Scarlett, Tennille, Grant, & Chad

My wonderful parents!  Donnie & Charlotte

Brad, me, Mallory, &Jack

The kids all changed into their Christmas pj's and Daddy read the Christmas story from Luke.  Mallory placed the nativity figures on the coffee table as each was mentioned.  This has been a family tradition for as long as I can remember and I love it!!!

We opened presents next...
Me & Jack

Mallory & her princess umbrella

Papa made Jack a rocking chair!!!  He made Mallory one for her 2nd Christmas, so it was really special for Jack to get his this year for his 2nd Christmas!

The plate on the back.

All the kids loved playing with Grant's new Matchbox Car Garage!

We ate lunch with Brad's parents and grandfather on Christmas Day.  Then, that night my parents came over to our house and played Canasta with me & Brad.  We have a huge competition between the girls and the guys!  :-)  And as Mallory says, "Girls RULE!"  :-)  HA!!!

That night I decided it was time to give Jack his first haircut!  My photographer was watching football and didn't stick around to take any "after" photos, but we got a few of the actual event.  :-)
Brushing his own hair.  Love it!!

His first haircut!!!

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Leslie said...

I love that Mallory put the different characters in the Christmas story up on the table as you read! What a wonderful tradition! Beautiful family!!!!

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