Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fun at Mrs. Rose's House

This past week, Mallory was invited to Mrs. Rose's house to see her Christmas decorations and play with Mrs. Rose's doll furniture.  Mrs. Rose is Mallory's Sunday school teacher and has been a friend of mine since I was born.  She and my mother became friends when they worked together BEFORE I was born and she was the first person to come see me in the hospital when I was born.  So, she is a really special friend of our family.  She has an amazing collection of Christmas stuff all through her house as well as old, sentimental personal items that are all on display in her home.  It was a treat to see it all!

Mrs. Rose and Mallory
She had this precious welcome sign at the door when we arrived!

Mrs. Rose had a huge collection of doll furniture that was hers as a little girl.  Mallory loved getting to take each piece out of the box and set it up.

Mallory & Mrs. Rose

Here is Mallory in front of Mrs. Rose's red Christmas tree.  It is in her Coca-Cola kitchen and is filled with Coca-Cola ornaments.

Before we left we got to see "Rowdy".  He is Mrs. Rose's shih'tzu puppy!  She had him dressed in the cutest Santa suit!!  HA!

Here is Mr. Don, Mrs. Rose's husband.  He, too, has been a family friend for YEARS!

This is Mrs. Rose's mother.  Her name is Margaret.  She is one sweet lady.

We had so much fun at Mrs. Rose's house.  She is a wonderful friend.

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