Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jack's New Ride - RETURNED!!!

Would you believe that I used this stroller for one day and returned it?!?!?! What I thought was going to be the ideal stroller turned out to be more of a problem. It was the perfect size and weight, but the basket was hiding underneath the stroller so far that I couldn't get anything in or out of it. It made shopping a pain because every time I went to get anything out of my purse or anything out of Jack's diaper bag, I had to completely raise the seat and then lower the basket. So, now I'm thinking that my old Graco Lite Rider wasn't so bad after all. Yes, the part that collapses the stroller is still broken, but I have figured out a way to manually collapse it. It's a little more cumbersome and difficult to fold than it used to be, but for now it's going to have to work. I spent over 1 hour in Babies R Us today and countless hours online reading stroller reviews. I want a stroller with a big, accessible basket, a seat that easily reclines all the way down, cup holders, a five point harness, and be lightweight. Any suggestions out there?!?!?! I'm open to all suggestions. :-)

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