Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh, the funny things she says!!!

To say that Mallory loves to talk is a huge understatement. She loves to chat about anything and everything. She'll talk to real people, imaginary friends, animals, trees... truly anything. And, it doesn't matter if it talks back or not. She'll simply make up something for whatever it is to say back to her and have an ongoing conversation. It's hilarious to listen to.

Today, while riding in the car, she informed me that she can speak Bird. The conversation went something like this...
Mallory: Mommy, did you know I can speak Bird?
Me: You can speak what???
Mallory: Bird!
Me: What's Bird???
Mallory: Tweet tweet.... tweet, tweet, tweet.
Me: Oh, that's wonderful, Sweetheart!

I asked her later if she could speak any other languages. Here's how the conversation went...
Me: Mallory, you told me earlier that you can speak Bird. Can you speak any other language?
Mallory: Tweet - Tweet! Yes, I can speak Puppy. Woof-woof. And, I can speak Rabbit.
Me: Oh, that's interesting.
Mallory: (long pause) Mommy, do rabbits make a sound?
Me: Well, I don't know. What do you think?
Mallory: No, I don't think so.
Then she ran off to play. I guess the only "Rabbit" she speaks is to (and for) her favorite imaginary friend, "Mr. Rabbit". She's had this friend for several years.

Tonight when I was laying down with her, saying prayers, etc., I asked her to tell me what she enjoyed most about today. She said, "I loved getting gummy bears! What do you like best, Mommy?" I told her I enjoyed watering the plants outside with her. She said, "Oh, me too!" And in the very same breath she added, "What did you like best about today, Mr. Rabbit? Oh, you liked getting a sucker? I didn't know you got a sucker! Well, I did too!!" Then she just giggled. :-)

Another ROFL moment for me was yesterday when she and I were getting dressed. She prissed into the bathroom and began brushing her hair ever so elegantly. Brushing one side, then the other, she admired herself in the mirror. In her most royal, "French-sounding" voice she said, "Mommy, I've come here to get my mammogram." I said, "What? You've come to get what?!?!" "My mammogram", she said in her royal voice without missing a beat." I just about LOST IT!!! Trying to keep my composure and not totally bust out laughing, I asked, "Mallory, what is a mammogram?" She said, "You know! It's when you go get your toenails and fingernails and hair done!" Well, DUH! I should have known! :-) I quickly told her I thought she was referring to a "manicure" and not a "mammogram".

You just never know what she'll say next!!! (Or to who!!!!) She told her Sunday school teachers that she was my bed partner Saturday night because Daddy went to the prison. Well, she was right!! But, Daddy was gone to the prison to play softball for the prison ministry for the church, not to do any time! :-)

What will she say next?!?!? ....


Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, she's hilarious!!! The mammogram thing made me laugh out loud...and then telling her SS teacher her daddy went to prison?? Too funny. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mandy! Saw your blog on FB...this is too funny!! It was nice to see you the other day--hope to see you at the shower!

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