Friday, November 12, 2010

Episencial Mommy Party

This week I hosted an Episencial Mommy Party.  Have you heard of Episencial??? 

Episencial is the first and only professional-quality, all natural skincare system created specifically for the unique developing skin type of babies and kids. Free from the bad stuff like parabens, phthalates and fragrances, Episencial products are loaded with all-natural goodness and healthy organics. Plus, these gentle, newborn safe formulas feature an exclusive skin immune complex™ to boost the skin’s immune functions and help the body ward off illnesses.  Packaged in recycled and sustainable materials, and manufactured using solar power, Episencial products are good for your babies, kids and the planet!

Thanks to my affiliation with Mom Select and Episencial, I was provided some Episencial products to share with my closest mommy friends!  We got together this week at a local restaurant and had so much fun testing and trying out some of the products.  Here are some snapshots of our party...

Episencial products for babies + kids + sensitive adults are showcased at fine boutiques and new-parent resource centers around the nation. Click here to find Episencial products near you!  I found mine at my local Target store!!!!

Many thanks to Episencial, Mom Select, and BSM Media for this wonderful opportunity!!!

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