Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mandy Jane Bow WINNER!!!!!

Thanks so much to all of you who entered the Mandy Jane bow giveaway and for all of your SWEET comments about the bows and my new business!!!!  It's because of the gentle nudging of many of you that I decided to try this in the first place (yes, you know who you are, sweet friends!!).  I plan to constantly add new and fun bows to my shop, so check back often.  Also, if you were waiting until after the giveaway to order from me, now's the perfect time to order for Christmas!!!

Now for the fun stuff!!!  I'm so excited to announce the WINNER of my first Mandy Jane giveaway!!!!!

Congratulations to.....
#4!!!! said...

I love the Christmas 34 bow! I already have a Christmas outfit to match. I'm so glad that you have started your business. What a blessing. I'm going to spread the word.

Kelly, email me and let me know if you still want bow #34 (it's still available, just not listed on Mandy Jane right now) or if there's another bow you'd rather have.  I look forward to hearing from you!!!

Thanks again to everyone!!! 

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