Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Bar Stools!!!

Ya'll, I am so blessed!!!  Let me just tell ya about something GREAT that I received.  As a CSN Stores Preferred Blogger, I was given the opportunity to review a product of my choice.  Well, that might sound easy, but with over 200+ stores to choose from and thousands of different products, it was TOUGH!!!  I wanted it ALL!  :-)  I finally made my decision and it arrived TODAY!!!

I decided to try out these bar stools.  That was one of the things I was lacking in our new home, but I worried about buying something like that without seeing them first and having the ability to test them out.  OH MY!  I LOVE THEM!!!  They came as a set of two, already assembled... woo-hoo!  I just pulled them out of the box and set them at the bar. 
I couldn't be more pleased!  They are the perfect height and perfect color!  I couldn't believe how well they matched the stained wood in my kitchen.  I wanted something very sturdy since I have two little ones that will be sitting on them often.  I didn't want anything that could turn over easily.  These are very nice quality wood and are very well made.  I will feel comfortable with the kids sitting on them.

And they're comfortable!  I love the tightly woven wicker seats.  I should have known I would love them!  EVERYTHING I've ever gotten from CSN Stores has been exceptional!  And, their customer service and delivery speed is unmatched.  Free shipping is available on most all of their products, too!  :-)  My bar stools shipped for FREE!!!

Thank you, CSN Stores!!!!  I LOVE them!!! 
Thanks for allowing me to work with you!
It's been a blessing!!!

If you want to get some bar stools like mine, click here.  Or to search all the other wonderful products CSN Stores has to offer, click here.  :-)
Happy shopping!!!

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singhsk said...
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singhsk said...

I have shifted last month in my new home and want to buy some bar stools and chairs along with tables.I like those pairs of brown ones bar stools.Please tell me from where i can buy them.

Maddy said...

I was also searching for wooden barstools from long time.You have solved my problem.Thanks for sharing this great stuff with us.

markjohn said...

Looking for furniture store where i can find custom made designer furniture because i wanna replace my old furniture. I found useful resource to buy luxury custom furniture.

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