Monday, May 23, 2011

Six Flags, Shopping, and a Weekend of Fun!

This weekend, we (all 17 of us) headed to Dallas for our "summer" vacation.  The guys all went to The Colonial Open while the girls and the kids shopped.

Mallory always enjoys trying on hats!

It's a hoot when all the "big" kids walk hand-in-hand through the stores!  Here Kristin has Jack, Grant, Mallory, and Micah and she's pushing Gavin in the stroller.... needless to say, she got some interesting looks!! HA!  The kids are always so good, so that is a HUGE blessing!

That night we me the guys for dinner at Pappadeaux's.  Can you blame me for not taking out my camera???  I was too busy gobbling down the food!!!  :-)

After a great night's sleep, the kids all swam at the hotel.  That was a highlight for them, but unfortunately Jack erased all the pictures of it from my phone.  I'll have to post some of my sister's pics later. 

Later that afternoon, we took off for Fuddruckers and then SIX FLAGS!!!!  This was definitely the highlight of the trip.  We all had a blast!  We all wore red Old Navy t-shirts.  I'll post our group picture later - it's also on my sister's camera!

Mallory and Jack at the entrance.  Mallory hadn't been here since she was Jack's age!

Cousin Grant and Mallory

Jack and Brad on the carousel.

This was Jack's FAVORITE ride!!!  He loved driving the trucks!!!

There they go around the track!

The spinning cups were fun for Mallory, Micah, Grant, and Jack.

Everyone loved the ferris wheel.  Here is Chad with Scarlett.

After much hesitation, Mallory and I rode the ferris wheel with Jack and Brad.  Can you tell it was a humid day!?!?!

Jack and Brad on the ferris wheel

Mallory rode the "kiddie" roller coaster with Brad.  He LOVES roller coasters...

She found out rather quickly that she DOESN'T!!!  Here they are coming off the roller coaster.  She's got a pretty firm grip on his arm!

The swings were a hit for almost all the kids...even baby Gavin and little Macy rode the swings!!!

Don't ya love our line up?!?!  Jack HATED the swings!  The pic above is BEFORE it started moving.  He and I were BOTH crying after it started.  I've never been so heartbroken!  He was screaming and sobbing  for me to get him off!!!  "IT'S TOO FAST, MAMA!!!  GET ME OFF!!!"

Here's Mallory getting ready to take-off in her airplane - another fun ride!

We all rode the big train around the park - Jack really enjoyed that!  Then, we ended our day in the big chair.

SUPER FUN!!!!  Needless to say, the kids slept great that night... well, we all did!!!
The guys played golf together on the way home and we girls got in a little more shopping.

My little sweetness had all he could take.  :-)

We all had a wonderful weekend!!!  Thank you, Nana and Papa, for an incredible time!!!


Ashley said...

Sooo fun!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Sounds fun

we are headed there next, shopping and market....

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