Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vacation Bible School

I've  been working in Jack's class for Vacation Bible School this week.  He's the youngest of his group at 2 years old.  The other kids all turned 3 back in September!  It's been amazing to see the difference 10 months can make.  Little Jack won't be three until the end of July.  He's having fun regardless.  He doesn't know the difference.  He's just made friends with all of them.  :-)

He loves playing with the bubbles!! 
Look at the height difference between him and this little girl... wow!

We've had a circus theme, so the worship time has been centered around that.  Yesterday, Jack wasn't quite sure what to think of all this.  He stood and watched with his hands behind his back and really didn't get into it.  He's a kid who needs routine and doesn't handle changes very well.  This was totally new to Jack!

But today, after he learned what all was going on, he warmed up to it all and really had a great time!!
Check him out!!


Cindy and crew said...

How cute! Glad to see him having so much fun at VBS!

Melanie from The Pigg Pen said...

What a precious little man! Love his moves! ;)

MommyDigger.com said...

How fun! Glad to hear he warmed up to it and looks like he had a great time :) So cute!

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