Thursday, June 2, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

I'm here!!  I'm here!!!  I've just been BUSY!!!!  The end of the school year has had us meeting each other coming and going!  Is it like that for you, too?  It's a wonderful time of year... filled with lots and lots of things that keep us busy.  Here's a recap of many of the exciting things happening in the Burkett household....  :-)

Last week Mallory's kindergarten class participated in Splash Day!  It began with a parade in front of the school led by a big firetruck!  The kids waved their posters they had made and waved to the parents who had lined the street.

Splash Day was an all-day event filled with relay races, water slides, dunking booths, popsicles, and snow cones!

Mallory loved it all!!!

The kids were given a treat bag while waiting in line for lunch.  These cute sunglasses were a big hit!

The limbo line!  Have you ever tried to limbo while getting sprayed with water and carrying a popsicle?!  :-)

The popsicles were a very welcomed treat for a hot day!

Mallory's class got to end the day with the big water slide!  It was FUN!

Later in the week, we went with my parents to the local spray ground.  This was Jack's first experience with it.

He loved it til he got cold.  Then, it was Nana to the rescue!  He LOVED that part!  :-)

After splashing in the water, the kids played for awhile on the playground.

At home we've stayed busy, too.  Mallory has always been a big helper to me, but lately, her help has included helping me in the kitchen.  She loves to help me cook.  This particular night I let her butter the tops of the rolls.  She thought she was Paula Deen!

We also took a few trips to the grocery store.  A brand new store in town has these WONDERFUL buggies!!  The kids were in hog heaven when they discovered them!

Isn't that too cool?!?!?!?

And finally, today was Mallory's last day in kindergarten.  Ya'll, I've cried all week just thinking about it!  I'm SO ready for her to be home with me again, but knowing that she won't be in kindergarten anymore has just about done me in.  Where has the time gone?!?!  We have LOVED kindergarten.  Mallory was blessed with an amazing teacher!!!

Today at the school party, Mrs. Frazier gave Mallory the "great author" award.  She definitely loves to write and illustrate stories and she's so creative!  She also received a "caring" award and that couldn't be more fitting for Mallory.  I'm so proud of her!

Jack got a new haircut this morning.  I decided to put a little gel in it and spike it up in the front.  I think he looks adorable.  :-)  The picture has some terrible shadows, so it's hard to get the real look from the picture.

And finally, the kids rode the Mickey Mouse ride at Walmart today.  I just love how they get along so well and love each other so much.

Time is just flying by!  I'll try and do better with my blog posts now that summer is here.  We have Vacation Bible School next week and we're really looking foward to that!
Here's to a GREAT summer!!!

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The Gentry's said...

Can not believe Kindergarten has come and gone!!! What a fast year.

Love Jack's hair:-)

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