Thursday, September 10, 2009


Sometimes I get in a sewing mode and when that happens, I could spend hours at the machine.  The past two days have been no exception.  Tonight I embellished this backpack for Mallory.  Mama monogrammed her inital on it with a precious polka dot font!!  Of course, Mallory doesn't go to school, so this is just for fun.  But every little girl just HAS TO HAVE a bag for all her things!!!  So, why not make it a fun one?!?!


Shelly said...

Love it! And so jealous of your talents!

Cindy and crew said...

Saw the backpack at church yesterday! So cute!

Rachel Olsen said...

Too cute! And matches your chic blog too!

Smiles ~ Rachel

Keisha's Giveaways and Things said...

oh my goodness that is sooooo CUTE. my girls would love that you are very talented!! GREAT JOB

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