Friday, September 4, 2009

Yard Work

I'm really enjoying this cooler weather, so today I decided to get out in the backyard and do a little work. No, not a little, make that A LOT of work!!! What I expected to take an hour or so, ended up taking all day! You see, as the temps during the summer got hotter and hotter, our 62 round shrub just kept getting bigger and bigger. And, it was WAY TOO HOT to get out there and give them a trim. So, today, I did. I SO wish I had a "before" picture for you, but you'll just have to see the fruit of all my labor. This is the gate that leads into our backyard.

Did I mention there are 62 round shrub in our backyard? Oh yes, 62!! I counted each and every one of them as I trimmed them into nice round balls again.

One of my favorite things about our backyard is all the flagstone pathways and brick columns. But today, all the flagstone was totally covered in weeds and clippings as I raked it all into a zillion piles!

Yep, I raked it.... I couldn't start Brad's gasoline powered blower! Then, I bagged it all and filled our outside trash can plus 5 trash bags FULL!!!

Unfortunately I accidentally severed the cord to the fountain as I was trimming. But, no sparks or flames!! It was unplugged. (I learned my lesson after I accidentally cut the extension cord while I was trimming several years ago! Very scary!!) I've got to get a new cord so I can get the fountain running again. I just love the sound of running water! So calming!!

Now I'll just have to wait for mums and fall plants!!! That little lost planter is going to get a new home and new plants! I didn't have the strength to move it any further! Whew! I'm exhausted!!


The Skaggs said...

Wow!! I'm way impressed!! It looks great!

Shelly said...

I love your backyard!!!!

Cindy and crew said...

What an awesome back yard! I bet it will look amazing with mums! I don't know how you did 62 shrubs...I can barely keep my 8 azaleas trimmed! Can't wait to see your entire house one day - you always decorate it so cute!!

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