Monday, October 26, 2009

Gentry Girls Night Out

Tonight we Gentry Girls got together at my house for a FUN time!!!  We had a make and take night!!!!  Each girl brought the ingredients to one of my mom's holiday candy recipes.  My mom surprised us with matching monogrammed aprons, red recipe books to hold our Christmas recipes, and precious Christmas recipe cards to put those favorites on!!! 
Here we are in our cute little aprons!!
Tennille, Amy, Mallory, Kristin, Mama, and me

Amy and Mallory making fudge!!!

Mama showing us how it's done!  :-)

Mallory getting a taste - Licking the spoon is always the best part!!


Tennille and Mallory making Oreo Truffles

Mallory was a WONDERFUL helper tonight!

Don't ya love the step ladder!!!  :-)

Kristin making peanut brittle

Lookin' good!!!

Marshmallow Cream Fudge - OH SO GOOD!!!!

Oreo Truffles - OH MY WORD!!!

Peanut Brittle - MMMmmmmmm!!!

We split it all up and took home a little of each.  After we got all finished making candy, I taught the girls how to make hair bows.

It was a lot of fun!  They caught on really fast and ended up with some really cute ones!!!

Kristin's bow

Amy's Bow

Tennille's Bow

We planned to do a few more make-n-takes nights soon.  Next up:  pillowcase dresses!!!!


Shelly said...

This looks SO FUN!!! Yall are always having fun together!

Cindy and crew said...

What a great idea! Your mom is too nifty with the aprons! :-) I love your red canisters in the background, too! And, I see Mallory's new doll from Sunday morning - glad she got to join the fun, too!

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