Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Today my mom and dad took all the grandkids to Bell Family Farm for tons of fun!!!  Nana bought all the kids matching shirts to wear.  They all looked so precious!  Here are some pictures of our trip to "Pappy's Pumpkin Patch".  :-)

Mallory watching the fun as we get everyone together.

standing:  Tennille, Chad, Scarlett, Jamy, Micah, Kristin, Jack (sitting on tire), me, and Brad
sitting:  Grant and Mallory

Jack, Micah, Mallory, and Grant
(Jack and Micah were more interested in the tiny pumpkins than looking at the camera!)

Mallory and Jack

Uncle Jamy pulling the kids around in the wagon

Our favorite activity at the farm.... the barrel cars!!!  Here is Mallory in the purple Barbie car with Kristin and Micah behind her in the A&M car.

Jack and I rode in the Thomas the Train car.  We were the first car behind the tractor that was pulling us.  Jack loved it!!!!

Chad even squeezed himself into the school bus car so Grant could ride, too!

There we go!!!!!

Jack in front of the measuring stick.... looks like about 2 1/2 feet to me!

Mallory getting measured this year....  a little bit over 3 1/2 feet!

Me and my sweeties!  Jack wasn't really in the mood to stand still.  :-)

Mallory on top of a big bail of hay.

Nana and Papa with 4 of the 5 grandkids... Scarlett fell asleep!

Jamy, Micah, & Kristin

Chad, Grant, & Tennille

Jack, me, Brad, & Mallory

Papa taking the kids for a wagon ride.

Nana, Papa, and the kids

Mallory and Jack - one last photo before heading home.  Mallory was NOT ready to leave!

Jack and Micah - cousins born 2 weeks apart!  So fun!  :-)  Can you guess which one is older???

We had a fabulous time!!!  Thank you for taking us, Papa & Nana!!!

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Cindy and crew said...

Oh, what fun! The kids look so cute in their matching shirts! Love the pic of your parents with the grandkids in the wagon!

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