Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer? Says who?!?!

Whoever said these are the lazy days of summer, didn't live at the Burkett house!  Wowser!  We've been blowing and going nonstop!  Mallory started swim lessons this week, so our mornings have been very busy with that.  Then, we're all so tired at night, we've been going to bed much earlier than usual.  That's why I haven't written any blog posts this week... too pooped!!  :-)  Staying up til 1am just isn't cutting it this week.

A few other exciting things have happened this week... I won 3 (yes, three!) giveaways this week!!!!  Many, many thanks to A Mom After God's Own Heart!  I won two of her giveaways - I know!!!  Go figure!!!  I won two books...  "Eat the Cookie... Buy the Shoes" by Joyce Meyer and "Radical" by David Platt.  Then, I won a handmade banner from Katie Grace Design!  Thank you, Katie!!!!  I really look forward to using it at Jack's 2nd birthday party next month!!  Make sure you stop by these blogs and check them out!  They are awesome!!!

Speaking of giveaways.... I have one that ends tomorrow night (6/4)!!! And it only has 2 (yes, two!) entries!!!  It's a giveaway with 2 winners, so you've got an awesome chance to WIN!!!  Check it out and get entered now!!!  Click HERE!

Now, here's our little swimmer...  she's doing a great job for her first time with lessons!

Here she is at the car in her little cover up.  So excited!!!

At the pool - just before getting in.

Learning to kick and blow bubbles on the side of the pool.

Learning how to use the kickboard with Mr. Dave.

Learning how to do big arm circles with Miss Betsy.

This is all from day 1!  I'll have more pictures next week! 
Don't forget to enter my giveaway!!!

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Melissa said...

She looks so cute standing there in her cover-up with that adorable smile...

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