Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Our weekend has been fabulous!!!  Here's a recap of Saturday and Sunday...

Late Saturday afternoon we loaded into my parent's suburban and headed to Garden Valley Golf Resort for a "twilight" round of golf.  Daddy and Brad played while the kids, my mom, and I rode in the cart.  Of course on several holes, the kids got to putt around a little bit.  It was one of the most relaxing evenings we've spent in a long time!  I can't wait to go again!!!

Mallory and Jack waiting for the carts to be loaded.  Jack immediately took to the wheel!  HA!

Nana, Mallory, and Papa

Me and Jack

Our family of four!

Me and Jack - walking to the green for the 1st time
The scenery was breathtaking!

Big Jack (my Daddy) and Little Jack - I just love this picture!!

Jack and Nana

Mallory getting some time to putt.

Papa, Mallory, and Brad - what a trio this is!!!  Aren't they precious?!

Me, Jack, and Brad

Jack getting his turn to putt.

We need to work on the form, but otherwise he's pretty good!  :-)

The fabulous foursome!  Oh, what fun they had!

Mallory and Jack running back to the carts.  He is definitely her little shadow!

Jack started to wind down as it got later.

He just laid down so sweetly.

He was one tired baby boy!

We ended the night with pizza and cokes.  SUCH FUN!  I just love long summer days spent like this!!!

On Sunday, we went to church as always, then headed to Josh and Amy's house (my brother and SIL) that night.  Josh had set up several water toy stations for the kids in their backyard. 

Jack got to play in Mallory's sprayground for the 1st time.  It took him quite awhile to get used to the water, but he eventually got in and played.  But, he hated the water getting in his face!

Jack LOVED putting the balls in this sprinkler... it would shoot the balls into the air!

Mallory loved this baby pool the most - she is such a "girly girl"!!

Grant and Mallory

Josh also had water guns for the kids to shoot at each other.  You can see how much fun that was!

Amy and Macy ("CiCi" as Jack calls her!)

Josh and Jack

Grant had a ball diving into the water!  He was a hoot!!!

Jack screamed when Grant dove in!  They were having so much fun!

Micah LOVED the water guns!!!

And here's Scarlett!

Josh grilled out some DELICIOUS burgers and made homemade ice cream that was out of this world!!  We ended the night with a long walk around the neighborhood.  I just love family times like this.  It's wonderful when we can all get together. These are special times and memories I will treasure forever.


Mellisa Rock said...

Twilight golf sounds like a lot of fun! You have a very precious family!

Melissa said...

Fun photos and happy will be glad of these photos as the years roll by...

Shell said...

Looks like you had fun!

I was looking at that sprinkler the other day at Walmart but wasn't sure if it worked well or not - it looks like it does work, though! Might have to pick one up now.

Stopping by to welcome you to SITS!

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