Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bow Makin', Party Plannin', and Quick Trips

It's been a busy few days here at Burkett Blessings! 

Monday, my mom and I took the kids for a quick trip to Dallas.  And, I mean it was quick!  We hit several fabric stores and a few places I had to go to get some bow-making supplies.  We had fun and the kids were great, but we didn't have near enough time!

Tuesday I played catch-up!  Catch up on the laundry, bow-making, and housework!  Plus I shopped for Mallory some birthday gifts.  Her birthday is the 17th, but we're having her party on Friday.  It's going to be a "P" party!  More details on that soon!  :-)

Today, my mom and I drove over to Longview for another VERY quick trip.  I needed to buy a particular toy that our Target was out of.  We got to eat lunch at The Butcher Shop, so that was an extra special treat!  We were back in time to pick up Mallory from school and then get ready for church.  After a fun night in kindergarten choir, I headed to adult choir practice.  We're working on our Christmas music!!  :-)  When I finally got home, I got the kids their baths and put them to bed and then started working on more bows.  I took a little detour from my big bow order and made Mallory one to wear with a new outfit for school tomorrow.  My computer is not letting me upload pictures right now, so I'll have to post my bow pictures another time.  :-(

I'm also in the process of getting my online shop up and running!!!  I've got some fun things planned for my Grand Opening!  :-) 

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you have a very blessed day!!


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Cindy and crew said...

Yum...the Butcher Shop! You gotta let me know when you are going! :-) Hope Mallory had a Happy Birthday! Can't believe how old she's getting!!

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