Sunday, March 27, 2011

Plant Farm Fun

Last week, we took the kids to the plant farm to "help" my mom and dad pick out some spring plants.  The kids always look forward to it because they love to ride in and pull the wagons!
Mallory brought along her teeny tiny baby doll. Can you see it riding in the front corner of her wagon!?! HA!
Jack started out riding in the wagon, but when he saw how much fun Mallory was having, he quickly decided he needed to pull his wagon, too.
Until it got too heavy! :-) "Heh-bee" as it called it!
The weight didn't seem to bother Mallory. She was bound and determine to be a helper and pull her wagon all the way to the checkout. :-)
She was so proud of herself and having such a blast!
Jack abandoned his wagon and decided to check out the hydrangeas.
Thank you, God, for beautiful sunny days and spring time!!!

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