Wednesday, April 20, 2011


... that's what I've been doing lately.  My bow-making business has been blessing my socks off!  Easter is upon us and I've had lots of custom orders for Easter bows.  I did take some time and make Mallory a dress and bow to match.  They're not for Easter... I talked my mom into making her Easter dress and man is it beautiful!!!  I'll share pics of it soon!! 

So, here's a peak at a few of the things I've been creating...

A ruffled dress for Mallory

With a matching bow!

A custom baseball bow!  Don't you think that all little girl sluggers should be fashionable on the field?!  I do, too!  Or what about for those girls who choose to cheer on their brother's team!?  This particular bow was made for a special little lady to wear to her brother's baseball-themed birthday party.

Side view of the baseball bow.  This one turned out so fun!!!

Custom bows to match two sister's Easter dresses.  The feathers and bling add so much pizazz!

Petite Size Bows

Petite Size "Precious Purple"

Petite Size "Pretty in Pink"

So, ya see, I've been busy creating!  I'm a chaperone for Mallory's kindergarten class tomorrow!  I'll post pics and give more details in my next post.

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