Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun in the Flowers

My mom and I took Mallory and Jack to the Azalea Trail and Spring Flower Show in our town this weekend.  This is an annual event and it's simply GORGEOUS!!!  Mallory has always looked forward to it, but this was Jack's first time to really experience it.  Here are some pictures of their fun in the flowers...

The Pryon's home is always our favorite.  Mrs. Pyron and I sing in our church choir together and she was also Jack and Mallory's Sunday school teacher when they were babies.  Her yard is amazing!!!  She has an old water pump area for all the kids to fill water buckets.  They had so much fun walking around the yard and watering the flowers.

Jack filling his watering can.

He loved this!!!

Jack was much too busy watering to look at the camera.

But, Mallory is always ready to pose!  :-)

Ah!  There we go!  A quick picture of both kids looking at the camera!  YEA!

Back to watering.

More flowers... more watering.

There were several little benches and areas for some fun pictures.

THERE'S Jack's smile!!

The Azalea Belles were so pretty and Mallory loved their princess dresses!

I love this one!!!  So sweet!!!

Aren't the flowers amazing!?!

We had such a good time!

More Azalea Belles

And MY little Azalea Beauty!  :-)

I just love spring time!!!


Terra said...

I like the old water pump; I remember using one at a cottage many years ago. The children and belles are very photogenic.

Cindy and crew said...

Beautiful little Azalea Belle! The flowers have been amazing this year - glad you got to enjoy them!

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