Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Birthday and Easter Fun

This year Easter was the day after my birthday.  So this weekend we all did lots of celebrating!  Brad invited all of my family to celebrate at Bruno's on Friday night.  We dined sufficiently on amazing italian food and followed it with a cookie cake made just for me!

Grant, Chad, Scarlett, and Tennille

Josh, Macy, Amy, Gavin, Kristin, Jamy, and Micah

Brad, Mama, Daddy, and Mallory

The 2 two-year-olds and their iphones!!!  HA!!  I've never seen such!  Get them playing a game or watching a cartoon and you never know they're there!  They can nagivate that thing better than I can!

Papa and Gavin

Me and Brad

You see who the kids migrate to.... Papa!!!  Here's Scarlett, Jack, and Macy

Nana with Macy and Gavin

Mallory, Grant, and Micah watching a cartoon.

To begin our Easter celebration this year, I let the kids dye easter eggs.  I decided to do it on our back porch this year.  I set out a plastic tablecloth with all the colors and I put the kids in grubby t-shirts.

Mallory had so much fun!  :-)

Easter Sunday, the kids woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had visited our house during the night!!!

Every year, the Easter Bunny leaves each of the kids a "Peter Rabbit" hollow chocolate bunny!  This has become Mallory's favorite easter treat!  This year he also left some Raisinettes and Hersheys Chocolate Bunnies!!!

Jack and Mallory coming in to see what the bunny brought...  I love how they're holding hands!!!


Mallory begged to eat just 1 thing before church!!

After a wonderful church service, we went to my mom and dad's for a fabulous Easter lunch filled with fun activities for the kids.

All 7 grandkids... Micah, Gavin, Jack, Mallory, Grant, Scarlett, and Macy

My sweet angels!

After a few pictures in their Easter clothes, they headed into the backyard for an Easter egg hunt!


Mallory and Jack

Micah and Mallory

Opening all their eggs!

I love this one!!  It just says "Sweet" to me!

After the hunt, my daddy made homemade hamburgers!!!  Mama fixed all the trimmings including baked beans, chips, dip and HOMEMADE ice cream and brownies for dessert!!!!  MMMmmmmm!!!  After we stuffed ourselves full, my mom and dad had another fun activity planned for the kids.  Mama had made each child an apron with their initial on it...

Mallory and me


She gave each child a pot and stickers that spelled out their names in glitter letters!!  They had fun putting their names on their pots and decorating them with all kinds of spring stickers.

After their pots were decorated, they got to pick a zinnia to plant in their pot.  Papa helped with the soil and planting.

Mallory was so proud of hers!!  Nana gave each child a watering can to water their flower with.

Papa helping Jack

Jack watering his orange zinnia.

Micah, Mallory, and Jack

Josh helping Macy pick her flower.

Nana helping Scarlett

Macy watering her pretty zinnia.

Grant watering his.

Scarlett especially loved the water!!!!!


Even Baby Gavin got in on the action!!!  :-)

All in all it was a fantastic day!!!!  Thank you, Nana and Papa for all you did to make this day so special for all of us!!!  I love you!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter, too! 
He is risen!!!


Cindy and crew said...

What a fun weekend! Love the aprons and planting flowers idea...always fun to involve the kids like that! Glad you had a special birthday, too!

TJ @ said...

Hi! I have awarded you the Versatil Blogger Award! Thanks for your cute and awesome blog! Keep up the great work! Have a great day! Versatile Blogger Award

Marlager said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Kelly said...

Looks like your mom has gotten to be a pro at doing appliques. Now the possibilities are endless. Love the aprons.

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