Thursday, April 21, 2011

Field Trip to the Zoo

Today I enjoyed my first chaperone experience!  I accompanied 21 kindergarteners to the ZOO!  It was a perfect day for it.... cloudy, overcast, and warm temperatures.  The kids were SO excited!!!  For many of them, including Mallory, this was their 1st field trip and first bus ride!  OH WHAT FUN!!!

We were blessed to have a total of 7 mom chaperones, so that made it a little easier to keep up with the kids.  As we arrived the teacher divided us up and put me in charge of 3 little ones.  I couldn't have been more pleased... my three were excellent!

Here are some pics from our fun day!

There was a small play area that the kids got to play in for a little while.

Posing for the camera!

Farmer Mallory

Can you tell how much they love the camera!?!  HA!

Mrs. Frazier and several classmates

Mallory in the goat petting pen.

Washing up after petting the goats.

Isn't this sink area CUTE!?!?!  I just love it!

Peeking at the ducks.

They thought it was HILARIOUS when the ducks dove down for food and stuck their bottoms in the air!

The otters were putting on a show and the kids LOVED it!

A beautiful bald eagle

And, sweet Jack went along, too!  This is what he thought of the rhino cage!!!  LOL!!

Our zoo has some amazing waterfalls!!!

Watching the giraffe eat

Jack got out of his stroller to see the elephants and giraffes. He told me the elephants were his favorite animal.

Special friends!

Watching the penguins

Jack loved the animals, but I think he enjoyed the attention of all the kindergarteners most.  They all wanted to talk to him.  :-)

Mallory and her "buddy"!

This just happens to be Andy... the first little boy to ever tell Mallory he loved her (during the 1st week of school!!!).

Is that not something!  OH MY!

Mallory was afraid to go into the Reptile Exhibit, so Andy decided he wouldn't go in either!

The kids wrapped up the day with a snack of animal cookies (how appropriate!).
It was a fun day... one that I was so thankful to participate in!


The Skaggs said...

Who's this Andy character?!? ;-) Aunt Kiki is not so sure about all of that!!!

Ashley said...

You had Hayden! His parent's are some of our closest friends from church. Such a precious boy!

Cindy and crew said...

Such a fun day at the zoo! Glad you got to go along! Jack is looking older these cute. That's sweet about Mallory and her friend Andy! :-)

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