Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Free Entertainment

It's amazing how easy it is to entertain kids with free stuff.  You know what I mean - they like the box instead of the toy, they like the hotel swimming pool instead of the Disney vacation, and they like playing putt-putt golf at the sporting goods store instead of at the real Putt Putt place.

The past two days I've gotten to give my children two wonderful opportunities!  Yesterday, I had to go to Academy (our local sporting goods store) to pick up a gift card.  As we drove into the parking lot, Jack starting saying "boff boff".  I didn't realize what he was saying until we got into the store and he demanded I go "this way! this way!" over to the practice putting green.  He knew this was the place he had played "golf" with Mallory a couple of months ago when we picked up some golf balls for Brad's father's day gift.  So, the kids played "boff" for a few minutes and had a grand time!

Today, while in Toys R Us looking for a birthday present for my nephew, Micah, the kids begged to play in the toy car area.  This time, Cousin Grant was with us, so it was an even bigger thrill!!!

Jack saying "CHEESE" while driving his Escalade!!  He got in this car and never got out!  :-)

Grant and Mallory in the hot pink Cadillac!

Mallory and Grant riding tricycles down the aisle.

Love their grins here - they were really having so much fun!

Checking out the Jeep's dashboard.

And rockin' to the pretend radio music!  HA!  I love it!!!

They tried out every car on the shelf!!  Literally!!!

Mallory had a blast!

All 3 kiddos in Jack's car!

So, the next time you have some time to kill and need a place for your kids to play without spending any money, I highly recommend these two locations!  There's no doubt they'll be asking to do this again soon!  :-)

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becky said...

How fun! We go to Toys R Us often...to play with the trains/train table. Mind you, they have their own at home...

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