Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mallory's New Bible

Today at church, during Sunday school, all the 5 year olds who are about to start Kindergarten were given Bibles and a "big church" bag.  They had a sweet little ceremony where each child came up to receive their Bible and bag and then had a reception of cookies and lemonade.  Then, during big church, the pastor recognized all of the kindergarteners and made a point to welcome them to the service.  Mallory has been attending big church with us since she turned 4, but for most of the kids this was their first time in big church.  It was a really special day!!!
Mallory just received her Bible and bag... my camera would NOT work at the right time!  Don't ya just hate it when that happens?!?!

Mallory and Mrs. Rose, her Sunday school teacher and my life-long family friend.

Mallory with her new Bible and big church bag - she is VERY proud!!  :-)

I am so thankful to belong to a church that places so much emphasis on children and is so dedicated to teaching them about God's love and His Word.  We are blessed!


Melanie for The Pigg Pen said...

So sweet! What a big girl!

Tammy@ Not Just Paper and Glue said...

That is so sweet and something she will cherish all of her life.

The Gentry's said...

I love you, MJ! You make us so proud and we can't wait to hear what all you are learning in school! Can't believe you're this big!

Life Happens said...

What a special day! I LOVE her dress. Did you make that? Very cute.

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