Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2nd Annual Christmas Candy Makin' Party

Tonight my mom had all the girls in my family over for our 2nd annual Christmas candy making party!  Last year, Mama made us all matching Christmas aprons.  This year, she gave each of us our own drink tumbler and straw.  SO CUTE!!!  We got to drink our Cokes while we sampled the candy!!  :-)  MMMmmm!!

Mallory was our official photographer, babysitter for Gavin, and chocolate chip pourer-inner!  She did a great job and had a blast!  Here are some snapshots from our evening...

Mallory in front of Nana's Christmas tree

Me and my sweet angel

Nana's fudge!  MMMMmmmmm!!

Oreo Truffles!!!!  SO GOOOOOOD!!!!

Tennille making fudge

Cousin Gavin and Mallory

Mallory pouring in the chocolate chips for Amy.

Mallory pouring in the chocloate chips for Kristin.

The Girls
Tennille, Amy, Kristin, Mallory, Mama, and me

Showing off our tumblers Mama gave us.

It was a FUN night!  We learned a lot and LAUGHED a lot!!  I just love this Christmas tradition with these special girls!


Michelle said...

How fun!
It's a blessing all of you live close enough to get together.

Merry Christmas!

Jennifer said...

what a fun tradition for the girls!! love the aprons your mom made:)

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