Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jack, Christmas Decorating, and Made-to-Match bows

Jack, my 2 year old little guy, has to be the most loving little boy I've ever seen.  He loves to hug me and will stop me sometimes and simply say, "Mommy, I unt (want) a hug."  And there's nothing to keep me from stopping whatever I'm doing and give it to him!  He's extremely loving to other children too, especially his younger cousins Macy, Scarlett, and Gavin.  He's so gentle with them and longs to give them hugs every time he sees them.  It's precious to watch.  There's just something about compassion for others that you cannot teach, so I am very thankful that he's displaying such affection and compassion and pray that he continues to always show kindness to others.  This morning when we got in the car to take Mallory to school, he looked over at her and said, "Deedle Dee, you look so cute!"  And, he really meant it!  So sweet!!!

Today my mom and I stopped at the Rose Garden Museum Gift Shop to shop a little bit.  They had some beautiful Christmas trees and decorations.  I got some cute little pictures of Jack and they show a little of his personality...

Me:  "Jack can you smile for me?"
Jack: "Sure, Mama"
Here's what came next.... 
Ok.... that just melts my heart!  :-)

Over the weekend we put up some of our Christmas decorations.  It was fun watching the kids interact with each other and see their faces light up at all the ornaments and lights.

Mallory and Jack working together to put all the red birds on Nanny's white ceramic tree.

Mallory hanging ornaments on the tree.

Jack TRYING to hang ornaments on the tree.

R-E-A-C-H!!!!!  :-)

I've been busy making hair bows, too.  Tennille, if you're reading this, STOP!  I'm about to share one of Scarlett's Christmas presents!!  :-)

I got this precious little jogging suit for Scarlett and just had to make a bow to match it....
The front of it says "Sweet" and has little silver hearts on the jacket and pants.  Look at those precious little ruffles!!  SO GIRLY!!!

The back...  has a huge double heart... isn't that CUTE!

The matching bow.  I can't wait to see little Scarlett toddling around in this!

Another friend made a sweatshirt jacket for her granddaughter and ordered a Mandy Jane bow to match.  I think it turned out so cute!

My mom has made Mallory several little sweatshirt jackets and they have all been precious!  I think I'm going to have to give it a try.  This one turned out so cute!

I forgot to take a picture of the bow by itself, but you get the idea. ;-)

It's been a busy time lately, but it's been fun.  I'm in the middle of finishing Jack's stocking that I started 3 months after he was born!  Yes, I'm a little behind!  It's one of those HAND STITCHED, HAND BEADED, felt stocking kits and it is a booger!!!  I started one for Mallory when she was born and didn't finish it until she was 3!  I'm hoping to finish Jack's THIS YEAR!  :-)  I'll post pictures when it's finished.  Wish me luck!


Shelly said...

Christie finally send London's self stitch stocking to my mom this year and it's finally finished! She's 4! :)

Shelly said...

Christie finally send London's self stitch stocking to my mom this year and it's finally finished! She's 4! :)

Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

Thanks for making me feel better, Shelly!!! :-) See, those things really are tough!

The Gentry's said...

Love those pictures of Jack! Such a sweetie:-) And Mallory's hair looks precious in that ponytail! We will have to come check out your decorations!

izzy said...

Awwwww...that picture of Jack melts my heart too. I can just feel his sincerity and warmth somehow!

Tr. Izzy

Cindy and crew said...

What a sweet boy! I'm hoping Caboose will be as sweet...he certainly is now as a baby! :-) Love your bow creations...I need to order of these days when I have time to think what I need! :-)

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