Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Munchin at Mercado's and a new Flower Bow!

We love Mexican Food!!!  And, Mercado's, a local favorite, is the one place where all four of us can eat and all get full without spending much!  The kids really eat well there!  Tonight we treated ourselves to a dinner out and stuffed ourselves full.  You just can't go wrong with free flour tortillas and chips and hot sauce!!  MMMmmm!  I get full before my meal ever comes!  HA!

Jack loves tortillas!!!  I think he'd eat every one of them if we'd let him!

Mallory loves bean burritos, but ending dinner with the free ice cream is her favorite!!

Jack likes the ice cream, too.... especially holding it himself!

Tonight I made a new bow.  It's a flower-shaped bow that can be worn in the hair or as an accessory for your clothes.  Mallory stopped playing "Snow White" for a few minutes to let me take these pictures...

I need some opinions... what do you think? I can make them in all sizes and colors.
Should I add them to my Mandy Jane boutique????

My model decided to show her silly side!!!
We are enjoying our days off this week!  I hope you're enjoying time with your family, too.

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