Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Playdate with friends and Christmas Cookie-Makin'

We started our morning with a playdate at Allie's house.  Allie is Mallory's friend from school and her mom and I are longtime friends.  The girls have become good buddies and I'm so thankful for that!  It's wonderful  to know Mallory has sweet, little friends to play with and grow up with.  Allie's Aunt Judie has been a good friend of mine since highschool.  We were on the drill team together, sang in the school and church choir together, and chased boys together!  :-)  Fun memories!!!  Today's playdate was filled with lots of neighborhood kids and their moms.  Unfortunately, I forgot to get my camera out!!

This afternoon my sister-in-law, Tennille, had Mallory and Jack over to make Christmas cookies!  This was the 2nd year for us to do this together and it was so much fun! 

Jack, Mallory, and Cousin Grant picking out their favorite cookie cutters.

Pressing the cookie cutters into the dough.

Grant loved the candy canes!!

Me and Jack (Can you tell it was his naptime?!  We had one sleepy boy on our hands!)

After the first batch came out of the oven, the kids iced them!  This was a first for Jack, but he did really well.

Mallory and Grant really got into it and used all the colors!

The boys were through as soon as Mary Poppins came on!  :-)

Here are Mallory's creations.

And here are Jack's creations... what he didn't eat!!!  :-)

It was a fun afternoon!
Tennille, we had a blast!  Thank you for hosting us!


Michelle said...

I remember having fun baking cookies as a child.
I still have two of my cookie cutters.
Mr. and Mrs. Gingerbread.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Merry Christmas to my blog friend...Hope you have a wonderful day.

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