Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mallory's School Christmas Party and a Mandy Jane Plaid Christmas Bow

Today at school, Mallory's class had a fun Christmas party.  They made some cute crafts and ate tons of sugary cookies, cupcakes, and candy.  I can't believe half of the year is gone and Christmas break is here!  But, I am excited that Mallory will be home with me for the next two weeks!! 

She made a really cute Santa Claus!  Do you see the lei around her neck?  Fridays are known as Fabulous Fun Fridays in her classroom and the kids who have excellent behavior get to grab something from her teacher's treaure box!  The lei and matching wrist lei were what Mallory chose from the treasure box.

One of the moms took pictures of the kids earlier in the week so they could make these precious gingerbread men with their faces on them.  I didn't get a picture of all the food because I was helping the other moms pass it all out, but it would give you a sugar high just looking at it!  Candy, cookies, cupcakes, and all kinds of sweet treats were gobbled down.  Every child went home bouncing off the walls!  :-)

This evening I decided to make Mallory a brand new Christmas bow to match her Christmas dress.  I am very pleased with how it turned out. 

Mandy Jane bow orders are keeping me busy.  I finished a custom bow order this morning and will be shipping it out on Saturday morning.  I'll be posting pictures of custom bows orders on the Mandy Jane facebook page as I complete them.  So don't forget to "like" Mandy Jane on Facebook so you can see all the newest bows and be notified of Mandy Jane giveaways.

I hope you're all enjoying this wonderful time of the year!  In all the rush and busy-ness of the season, don't forget to slow down and take in all the sights and sounds.  Make some memories this year!  :-)


Michelle said...

Merry Christmas!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Thanks for the sweet words...will be looking for the SPECIAL at ICE....

Looking forward to a fun time

Merry Christmas

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