Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Challenge

Ok friends, I'm going to let you in on a little secret!  I have shared this with you before, but today I want to share with you a fun challenge!  If you're a friend  of mine on Facebook, then you've seen this on my status MANY times...

What am I talking about?  SWAG BUCKS!!!  So, what's the big deal?  Well, last year alone, I earned $75 using Swagbucks.  And it is SO easy!!!  Swagbucks is a search engine that's powered by Google.  Every time I use the internet, I use Swagbucks to do my searching and I earn points!  Those points (swagbucks) can be redeemed for prizes.  Last year, for every 700 points I earned, I cashed them in for $5 cash which was deposited into my paypal account.  This year, I'm going to do something a little different.  For every 450 points I earn, I'm going to purchase $5 amazon.com gift cards.  I'm going to accumulate those gift cards all year and use those cards to help pay for Christmas!!!  At the end of the year, I'll do a post and tell you how much I earned and tell you about how I spent the $$$!  :-)  Sound fun?!?!  I can't wait to see how much I can earn!

So are you interested in trying it too?  Want to have some extra cash for Christmas next year?  There are lots of ways to earn points...

Searching- Use Swagbucks as your Search Engine!  I use it EVERY SINGLE TIME I use the internet.  Even for sites I already know the address for!!!! 

Swagbucks Tool Bar- A MUST-HAVE!!!  You can get up to 2 Swagbucks for just having the toolbar each time you open your browser.  This is also my reminder to use Swagbucks - it's right there waiting for me when I open the internet!  It doesn't get any easier than that!

Referring- Refer your friends, you’ll earn every buck they earn up to 1,000 Swagbucks!!

Shopping- For every $1 spent through the swagbucks site, you earn 2 Swagbucks.

Swag Codes- Swagbucks releases codes for more Swagbucks on their blog and on the toolbar at times.

So do you want to accept my challenge and see how much you can earn this year????  I think you'll be AMAZED!  :-)  You already use the internet, so why not earn $$$ for doing your everyday searches?!?! Click HERE to get started!


The Gentry's said...

GREAT idea!!

Thena said...

I've had it a little over a year and it's awesome. I used them right before Christmas and got $95.00 in Amazon gift cards to use online for gifts.

Catalina said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm bad with remembering to use that kind of stuff, but it certainly can come in handy for Christmas next year. I'll give it a shot.

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