Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowy Sunday

After we got home from church this afternoon, it started SNOWING!!!  Mallory couldn't wait to get in it, so I bundled her up and let her go out while Jack took a nap.

While it continued to snow, we came inside and had some girl time in front of the fire! 
We watched a movie and had hot chocolate with marshmallows!!! 

After Jack and Daddy woke up from their naps, we bundled up again and headed out for a little more fun snow fun.  This was Jack's first experience with snow! 

Mallory made a snow angel. 

And she rolled down the hill.  :-) 

Both kids had a blast!!! 

Later that night, I was working on my laptop by the fire.  Jack put on my glasses.... check this out!  HA!  This picture just cracks me up!  :-) 

It was a fun day!!!


Melanie from The Pigg Pen said...

I love the one of Mallory catching the snow in her mouth...and the one with Jack and the glasses - HILARIOUS! I love the expression on his face. He looks like your Dad!

The Gentry's said...

I laughed out loud at that last picture of Jack! Hilarious!! And what sweet girl time you had with MJ! I can't wait to do things like that with Macy:-)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love days like yesterday.....Adorable kids

Michelle said...

We received about 4" of snow last night.
I took pictures, should have made a snow angel :)
What fun!! Enjoy!

Oh I did make some snow cream :)

Tammy said...

It started snowing here after midnight so we weren't even able to make it to church on Sunday because of the roads. Looks like your children really enjoyed it.

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