Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Home Decor

Ya'll, decorating my home is probably my all-time favorite hobby.  I love to rearrange my furniture to come up with a whole new look.  I love rich fabrics and trims.  I enjoy making curtains, pillows, and all kinds of accessories for my home.  It's just FUN!

Tonight I made a new accessory that I'm so excited about!!!  I actually made this one for a gift for a friend, but I'm dying to make one for myself.  Take a look at this frame...

I just love the leopard and red.  And ya'll know how crazy I am about bows!

I put it in several different places so I could try to get a good picture that really shows all the details.

If you're interested in having one, too, let me know!  I'd love to make you one! 

Along with decorating my house, shopping for furniture and accessories is essential.  There are certain pieces that just MAKE a room!  You know what I mean?  Right now, I'm struggling with our dining room.  See, we don't own any dining room furniture, so the room has taken on a "sitting room" or "piano room" look.  I'd love for it to look like a REAL dining room.  Lately I've seen some really beautiful traditional dining rooms, but I've noticed a trend of using more modern dining room furniture.  There are so many fun options!!!  What would you do?


Tammy said...

What an adorable idea! I think it is beautiful.

Michelle said...

So beautiful!
I love the cross!

Pamela said...

Be careful moving all that furniture around. My mom did that and when Daddy came home from work at midnight he sat down in his chair that wasn't there. :-)

The bow is beautiful. I love the cross on it.

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