Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Things

The past few days have been WONDERFUL!  I don't know about you, but when Mallory has breaks from school and is home, I love it!!  Friday she was out of school for a teacher work day and today we enjoyed the Martin Luther King holiday.  How nice to be able to stay up a little later than normal and sleep late!  Tomorrow we'll be back to our old routine of getting up early and going to bed extra early. 

We played lots of games, ran lots of errands, and truly just enjoyed being together.  I can't wait til the next teacher work day or holiday!!!  And what's really extra special to me is that although Mallory LOVES school, she told me that she really enjoyed being home these few days, too.  :-)

I have SO much to share, but not near enough time to do it tonight, but God has been moving significantly in our lives lately and we have had so many prayers answered.  I just have to praise Him for His faithfulness and goodness.  Mallory has been praying for over a year that she could live by my parents (her Nana and Papa).  We would all love that, so back in July we put our house on the market.  After ten days, we had a contract on it!  CrAzY!!!  We couldn't believe it!  But, literally within hours of the option period ending, the buyer decided to back out.  We were crushed, confused, and devastated.  But, God was at work and we can look back and see His hand in it all.  This past week, we got an offer from a couple who had wanted our house 6 months ago when we put it up for sale, but needed time to save enough money for a down payment.  When we were wondering why in the world our house wasn't selling, God had intended it for this couple.  Isn't that amazing????

Well, there are more incredible details that I can't wait to share, but tonight it's getting late and I've got to get up EARLY in the morning (well, it's earlier than the past several days!).  I'll leave you with some snapshots taken recently.  Good night!

My guys - Aren't they cute in their matching outfits?!

My sweet girl 

Reading a bedtime story with Nana 

Lazy days in our pj's watching Wow Wow Wubbzy!
This particular day, Jack wore his pj's to take Mallory to school and he still has on his shoes.


Leslie said...

I loved these past few days as well!!! It has been so nice! Thank you for sharing about your house. That is a good reminder as we wait for our old house to sell!! I know He will do it in His time and this is yet another example!!!:) Blessings...

Michelle said...

That's exciting news about your house.

I enjoyed the pictures :)

Pamela said...

Good news about your house. It's so hard to remember "God knows the plans for us."

Beautiful children. Love the blue and orange jammies.

And your fireplace is amazing!

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