Friday, September 24, 2010

Fabulous Friday - Wanna Win Some Prizes???

Happy Friday everyone!!!!  Do you know what Friday means to me?  Well, it means LOTS of things, but one thing I love is that TODAY is MEGA SWAGBUCKS DAY!!!  For those of you who are my facebook friends and you're constantly seeing that I've earned swagbucks as my status, well this is what it's all about!  On Fridays, you can earn Swagbucks in increments of 10, 20, 50, and even 100!!! Woo-hoo!

I know that some of my blog followers have gotten on the Swagbucks bandwagon and are doing quite well.  But, if you haven't tried Swagbucks yet, you're seriously missing out. You can earn great prizes (amazon, sephora, disney, macy's, starbucks, iphones, lots of other electronics!), gift cards, and even cash for doing something you already do - searching the internet!  Would you believe that I earned over $50 in CASH in the past 6 months?!?!  I DID!!!  It was all $5 Paypal giftcards that were deposited directly into my Paypal account.  Ya'll... that's Christmas money!!!

How do I earn my swagbucks so quickly? I downloaded the Swagbucks toolbar and use it for every single search I do. I even use it to find websites that I already know the address for - just like facebook and my blog that I go to many times a day.  Swagbucks is powered by Google, so it's the same quality search engine that Google is! But unlike Google, you win prizes when you search using Swagbucks.

Because today is Mega Swag Bucks day, it's the perfect day to start earning swagbucks! Be sure to sign up and download the swagbucks toolbar. Click HERE to sign up AND be given 30 swagbucks as a sign up bonus! As always, let me know if you have any questions or if you're already earning swagbucks, let me know what you think about it!

****UPDATE!!!!  Swagbucks has been overloaded with visitors today and the website is down for maintenance.  They should be back up soon, so please check back.  :-)

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Melanie from The Pigg Pen said...

Okay! Finally took the time to sign up. We'll see how this goes! Hope you got some referral credit!

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