Saturday, September 18, 2010


This afternoon I let Mallory do some watercoloring.  She is such a little artist and loves to draw and paint. 

Jack had been riding his Elmo car through the house and was perfectly content with that until he saw Mallory painting.  When he realized what she was doing, he ran to me and said, "I uhn paint."  Which means, "I want to paint."  So, I quickly decided to let him "paint" with some water.

It wasn't quite as pretty as Mallory's.  Water on white paper is just pretty blah no matter what color bowl you put the water in!  :-)  So, I brought out some red construction paper so the water would show up a little more.

Jack loved it!!  I think he could have painted all day!!

They painted and painted and painted!

His first attempt at watercoloring was a definite success and we had one happy boy to show for it!

He only splattered the water one time and then told me he had made a mess!  HA!

The artwork made is way to the fridge gallery for display.  :-)  Then, I'm sure these will make their way to my keepsake box!  I love making memories like these... they are priceless!


Michelle said...

I remember when my boys were much younger and we used water to paint with. Keeps them happy and busy.

malia said...

You're pint sized Picassos are darling! Love your cheerful blog-- I'm your newest follower

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

They are the cutest....and looks like having glad that you stopped by...

mle said...

what a great idea to use colored paper & water for your little cutie's paint session : )

Cindy and crew said...

Jack is starting to look like a big boy...not just a toddler! Wow - how cute! Great idea! I need to get our watercolors out for Little's been a while.

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