Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Picnic Dinner, X-Ray, Two-Buggy Fun, and School Lunch

The cooler temperatures have been a welcome blessing to East Texas!!!  One night last weekend, we went to Chick fil A with my parents.  The air conditioner inside Chick fil A was running full blast and it was FREEZING in there, so we took advantage of the wonderful temps and sat outside.  Of course the kids enjoyed that, but listening to Papa read the book that came in the kids meal was the best part of dinner!

Mallory stayed home from school 4 days last week with a viral infection in her throat!  She had fever, a terrible sore throat and lost her voice!  It was no fun!  We went to the doctor on Wednesday and she was tested for strep throat.  That came back negative so Dr. Barret sent us home and said unfortunately since it was a virus there was no medicine for her.  :-(  On Thursday night, Mallory seemed worse, so we went back to see Dr. Barret on Friday afternoon.  Her throat was better but with the symptoms she was having, Dr. Barret was afraid she could have a little pneumonia!  That's scary for a mommy to hear!  He sent us to get a chest x-ray.  :-(

Mallory had to put on a hospital gown (adult size!) for the x-ray.  She was so brave and handled it so well.  Mommy, on the other hand, was so nervous and upset that my baby girl was having to experience any of it.  We praise the Lord for a perfectly clear chest x-ray!!!!!  Dr. Barret called us within 15 minutes and told us the good news.  We continued to treat Mallory's fever with Tylenol and she started feeling like herself again on Saturday.  We stayed home from church on Sunday to give Mallory time to rest AND because I started getting sick - bad sore throat and yucky sinuses!!  :-(  Little Jack and Brad have stayed well, so I'm praying they don't come down with it too!

Monday afternoon, we went to Target to get Mallory some new shoes.  I think she's grown ten feet over the summer!  The kids enjoyed riding in what Mallory calls the "two-buggy".  You know the one... it's the LONG buggy with seats for two kids.  And, it's always rattly and horrible to push around, but the kids LOVE it so our shopping experiences are much better when I endure the squeaks and rattles!  :-)

Yesterday I had lunch at school with Mallory for the very first time.  Her school has a neat little picnic area outside, so we ate out there.  She was SO excited and told all her friends!  Her class eats lunch at 10:30, so instead of a regular "lunch", I surprised her with Chick fil A ChickN Minis!!!  She LOVES them and considers them a BIG TREAT! 

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Be on the lookout for God's blessings today!!  We all have so much to be thankful for!!  :-)

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