Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sick Little Girl, Exhausted Mommy, and PTA Open House

Last night we experienced our first Kindergarten stomach bug!  Oh my soul... it was not fun!  Sweet little Mallory woke up very sick at 12:30am and threw up every couple of hours until 6:30am.  We had heard that several kids in her classroom had been out with this bug and sure enough, they shared it with us... oh joy!

Mallory has rested all day and is feeling so much better tonight.  She has kept down some sprite and a grilled cheese sandwich.  Thank you, Lord!  These are the times when you feel like you've earned the title of "Mommy"!  :-)  I'm totally exhausted.  I got about zero sleep last night because I changed her sheets 5 times, her pajamas 5 times, and my pajamas 3 times.  I know for a fact I've never done that much laundry in one day, much less that much laundry in the middle of the night!  Gracious!  Now to keep the rest of us from getting it... Oh, please Lord!

Tonight Brad and I went to the PTA Open House for Mallory's school.  We got to see all the things she's been doing the past 2 weeks and learn a little more about what her day is like.  She was pretty sick today, but even with her sickness, all the extra work I had to do and the small amount of sleep we got, when I saw her artwork tonight and heard about all she has been learning, it made me stop and think about how truly blessed I am to have a normal, healthy little girl.  A little girl who is able to go to school, run, play, and learn.  I have so much to be thankful for.

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