Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birthday Weekend

What a busy weekend I've had... but what a great weekend!  Friday was my birthday, but it was also a garage sale prep day.  Josh and Amy had a garage sale at their house on Saturday.  So, I spent what seemed like all week cleaning out our closets and tagging it all.  I didn't realize how much unused stuff we had!  Unbelievable!  So, since Friday night was going to be so busy, Brad decided to have a party for me on Saturday night.  My brother, Chad, and I have birthdays 3 days apart, so Tennille (Chad's wife) asked if we could combine the birthday celebrations into one.  So, that's what we did.  Brad still cooked out hamburgers and they were YUMMY!!!  Here are the kids enjoying their burgers...

Tennille and Chad brought the cookie cake!!

Then we opened our gifts while the kids played...

Amy made this frame for me and I love it!!!!

And then I got a BIG surprise!!

THIS was in that box!!!!!  HOLY COW!!!  Chad, Tennille, Josh, and Amy all went in with Brad to get me this new camera!!!  It's so amazing!!  I am still in shock!

Scarlett, Mallory, and Macy with Uncle Josh
(Mallory is SO thankful to finally have some little girls in the family!)

Scarlett loving on Mallory

My mom surprised all the girls with PRECIOUS ladybug pillowcase dresses.

Mallory LOVED hers!!

Tennille and Scarlett

Amy and Macy

Mallory and Nana

Here's Mallory in her new dress.  They all wore them to church this morning!  (And, this picture was taken with my new camera!!  Pretty good, huh?!)

I had to try out the camera in all lighting so, here's one in Jack's room while he was asleep.  :-)

Isn't this rose gorgeous?!?!  It's in my backyard!!!

Here are our knock-out roses.  If anyone has any suggestions for what else to put in this area, I'd love to hear them!  We had azaleas, but they got too much sun.  :-(

I think I need something decorative, too.  Suggestions?!?!?

Mallory playing in the backyard.

I found this cross plate at Tuesday Morning and decided I had to have it!  Isn't it fun to have birthday money to spend?!?!?  I'm not sure if it's staying here on the fireplace or not.  I'll take some more pictures once I have it settled.
I hope you had a great weekend, too!


Cindy and crew said...

I loved seeing those sweet dresses this morning! Adorable! That's a great picture of your mom and Mallory. Yes, you HAD to buy that cross plate - that's awesome! I might have to mosey by Tuesday Mornings, too! :-) Hope you enjoyed your birthday - cool camera! said...

Looks like you had a great birthday! After I asked you about your camera (kodak), I bought the same you one got for your birthday. I love it! It takes great photos. I love the touch screen. Have you seen it has a little writing pad option? It's cool. Not so sure what to use it for, but I like it. Happy belated birthday!

jc said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Your special day must be truly blessed with so many beautiful things that mean the most to you!

Debra @ A Frugal Friend said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your new camera! What a fun gift to receive and such a surprise too. Love surprises. :-)

kim said...

Happy Birthday and thanks for following my blog. My son's birthday was the 17th and he turned 31. Good luck with the drawing of my giveaway!!

Melissa Miller said...

Happy Birthday Mandy!

It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Woohoo! The new camera is awesome. *Smiles*

Your new cross plate is gorgeous!

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