Monday, April 12, 2010

Mallory's Choir Program

This past Wednesday night, Mallory's choir at church had their end-of-the-year performance.  It was called The Truth Trail and all the songs were about following God's Word, exploring the Bible, and Being "Doers of the Word".  The kids all dressed in "hiking" clothes and the scenery depicted the mountains.

I was so very proud of Mallory!  She did such a great job and looked so grown-up standing up there! 
Mallory is in the brown shirt and denim vest.  I am next to the tree helping the kids line up.  I was one of the teachers in her class this year and had so much fun!  We had a really great group!

Mallory was so excited to receive a certificate for her participation in choir this year and a ribbon for excellent attendance.

Of course baby brother Jack had to tell her congratulations on a great performance!  He was so proud of his big sister!  :-)

And so was I!  Me and my sweet pumpkin!


Lydia said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway! I enjoyed perusing your have beautiful children!

The Gentry's said...

That is a gorgeous picture of you and Mallory! Precious:)

southerninspiration said...

Y'all are such pretty, pretty girls!


Cindy and crew said...

We enjoyed the program - great job, Mallory!

Uncle Josh said...

I cant believe Mallory is getting this old. She looks like she is 10. It is kinda making me sad, but happy too. Remind her that I love her and am proud of her...and will always be her favorite uncle :)

Melissa Miller said...

You are GORGEOUS! Your children are just precious as well. :)

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