Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Bachelor Blues

Well, since I found out a few weeks ago that there are MANY of you who tune in to The Bachelor every Monday night, I just had to check in and see what ya'll are thinking (and give my two-cents-worth, of course!).  I am really disappointed in this season.  I was really hoping for some really good girls for Jake to pick from.  This season just hasn't lived up to my expectations.  I pictured Jake as one who would go for the girls who were much more lady-like, self-controlled, and more "wholesome".  But, this is reality tv and those type girls just aren't on shows like this, are they? 

Tenley is definitely my front-runner for the best girl for Jake, but poor thing, she can't stop comparing him to her ex!  I'm not sure what I thought about the dance she performed for him either.  That had to have been so awkward for him!  Her family was definitely the most "normal" I've ever seen on the show, though.  They seemed to fit better with Jake's personality than any of the other families.

I don't know what Jake sees in Vienna.  She is just about to drive me NUTS!!  Isn't it strange that he hasn't listened to ANYONE about her, but he sure wanted Jillian to listen to him about Wes last season?!  Did you also hear that Vienna had been married before????  Had we been told that at some point and I just missed it?!?!?  I thought Tenley was the only who had been divorced.  That was a big shocker for me.

And Gia - when I saw her mom reading the "cards" at the end of the show - oh my!  That did it for me!  Enough said.

I guess Ali proved to be the most dramatic during this episode.  The crying fit in the hotel hallway was just a little much.  I feel sorry for her having to leave, but I think she was very wise to choose her job.  It seemed like she had her mind made up the whole time, too, but just wanted Jake to beg her to stay.  Did you sense that?

Well, I wonder what St. Lucia will have for us next week?  Glad to know I have some "Bachelor-watching-buddies" out there, too!  Thanks for all the comments last time!  :-)  Let me know what you're thinking this week!


Shelly said...

Hey! I totally agree with your blog :) I think Tenley is by far the best choice, and I'm surprised at the ones that are left. I thought it would be between Ali and Tenley, so after Monday night's show I googled to see who one. (I know, I'm too impatient to wait). I won't give it away here, though. :)

You made a good point about the Wes and Jillian thing and Vienna...who knows what's going through that man's head!

I'm addicted the bachelor. Each week when it ends I can't wait until the next week. ha! Glad to know there are some fellow addicts out there.

Cindy and crew said...

Geez...last week was just petty and annoying. At the beginning of the show, he seemed to have a better head on his shoulders than what he is displaying now!

I agree...there's really no one to choose from now! Ali and her crying fit was just too much. And, of course, she's going to reappear next week and add even more drama! I think she pulled the dramatics b/c she wanted him to come out and say "I'm going to choose you so please stay!"

I like Tenley but he seems to fun-loving (adventurous) for her quiet, reserved personality.

I don't know...I guess I'll keep watching, though I don't see how he could be forever happy with any of them! Just my two cents worth! :-)

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