Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Decorating for Valentines

Are you a big "seasonal" decorator?  Are you the type that puts out decorations for all the holidays?  I love to decorate for Christmas, Autumn, and Spring/Easter, but holidays like Valentines just don't quite last long enough for me to want to put a lot into them.  It seems like I've just got my house back in order after all the Christmas decorations come down and it's time to put somethine else out.  I guess I like to decorate for the seasons and not as much for the holidays (except for Christmas).  I like things that can stay out for awhile.  With that said, I don't have many decorations for Valentines.  In fact, I only have 1 wreath for my front door and a garden stake with our address on it.  I made this wreath several years ago.

What kind of holiday decorator are you?  :-)

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