Sunday, February 21, 2010

Whew! I'm back!

After a LOT of searching and testing, I've finally decided to keep my layout and colors just like they used to be.  I have learned a TON about HTML codes and how certain settings work.  I've tried out numerous layouts and templates, but have come to the conclusion through MUCH trial and error that THIS is my blog.  This is how it looks best and how it should stay.  (Thank you, Mama, for helping me come to that conclusion.)

I've added some new features and hope to add more as I discover how things work in blogland!  HA!  Also, I've been asked to do a bunch of reviews, so I'll be posting those as soon as the products start arriving.  Until then, enjoy the "old look" and take a peak at the new features!  :-)
Good night!!!

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