Sunday, February 21, 2010

February Fun

February has been filled with all sorts of stuff!  Lots and lots of fun!!!  To begin this recap, I have to share with you Mallory and Jack's new way to "play".  Mallory gets on Jack's scooter and he pushes her around the house.  I'm not sure who enjoys it more?!  Jack LOVES to push things right now and Mallory loves the ride!!! 

Every once in awhile he gets to have the scooter all to himself, but I don't think it's half the fun!  HA!  I know it's not half the work!!!!

We got the kids some little things for Valentines Day.  Here they are opening their gifts.  (Mallory had been playing dress up, so she's dressed in her "fancy" dress!!)
Muffin wanted something, too, poor thing!

She also got a new Berestain Bears book - I just love those books!!  They all have such wonderful life lessons in them and usually the beginning of each book has scripture that correlates with that book's theme.  Very good!!!!

I always tell Mallory she is "my little sunshine", so when I found this "Little Miss Sunshine" doll, I just had to get it for her.  Mallory was very excited about what she got.  She's always so genuinely thankful for things she's given.  It is so wonderful to see her sweet reaction to gifts.

Jack got a valentine gift, too!

A little dumptruck that he loves!!!  He immediately started filling it with Fruit Loops and dumping it out!  Precious!!!

One night my parents came over to play Canasta with us.  The kids ended up "helping" Nana!!!  Maybe that's why Mama and I lost so bad that night?!?!  Ya think?!?!?  HA!!

We celebrated my brother's birthday on Friday night with a trip to The Butcher Shop!  Josh had been wanting to go there, so that's what we did!  Mallory couldn't wait to dive into the chocolate birthday cake!  It was really good!  Today is Josh's actual birthday.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSH!!!  I LOVE YOU!!!  :-)

Mallory LOVES her cousins SO much!  She and Micah had a tickle contest!!

I think Micah won!!!!!  :-)

At the beginning of February, I won a giveaway from Savvy Houswife.  This weekend this is what I received in the mail!!!  Mallory was ecstatic!!!!

We just can't get enough Wow Wow Wubzy at our house!!!

That's about it for now. It's been a crazy winter for us here in Texas!  There's another SNOW in the forecast!! 

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